March 5, 2007

Only happens to me ...

Hello dear friends. I've been away a few days since my husband left last week for two months of training. *sigh* It seems like he just got home from Afghanistan (Dec.) and now he is gone again. 'Tis the life I guess!

On a different note ... There are some of you who have followed my blog since it's inception. You may recall the attack at the pumps, crazed neighbors and airport abuse stories I told you. Well here is the latest in my collection of "What were they thinking?" stories.

Friday night I had to cover the post basketball championships for the newspaper. Not a problem, but it didn't end until 9:30 p.m. and I was HUNGRY! I had some tuna salad at home so I decide to stop at the post 24-hour shoppette (convience store) for some crackers and juice.

As I pull in there is one parking space open at the front – SCORE! As I pulled forward (from the side) I see a lady standing in the spot. As she sees me approach, she moves (I drive a Tahoe so, like an airplane, I "appraoch" things). There is a slight blindspot on the side but as I straighten into the parking spot I see a 4 or 5 year-old- boy standing in the spot with his arm outstretched. I stop about three feet in front of him. Nothing. I put the truck in park. He is still standing there arm outstretched, but his mom appears to be calling him. I turn off the engine and get out. He runs to his mom.

"What was that about?" I ask.

"I'm sorry she relied. "His dad lets him do that in the garage at home, but he knows he can only do it there."

"What!?!" I ask in disbelief.

"Well, he likes Superman," she replied, thinking that that was obviously enough explaination.

"Well, that's just f@$#*%d up," I said, too tired to care what I was saying.

In all seriousness, she covered his ears and said, "Please don't say that in front of him."

I was too astonished to speak, but in my mind all I could think of when was the last time a child was killed by curse words? I mean, did her son really think he could stop a Tahoe? What kind of parent thinks that it is o.k. for their son to dodge moving vehicles?

No funeral I've ever been to had the words, "Here lies little Johnny. Killed by the word 'fuck'."

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Sis B said...

I am frequently astounded by the negligent parenting I see around me, but that one is incredible... my son holds my hand throughout the parking lot and must touch our car until I get it unlocked so he can get in. He's too short for people to see!

I said Fuck this morning in front of my son when I broke a glass, and he said "Mommy! Don't say that! Only Daddy says that!" :)

Nancy Guenther said...

Unbelievable! I don't know whether to laugh or cry!

Cheryl said...

Oh man, i did laugh at the was the way you ended your post!!

lime said...

gees, what is wrong with some people??? dodging vehicles even at home is just plain stupid.

i'd have told her that, as well as point out is seems clear that he DOESN'T understand it's a game just for home.

what's next....knife throwing is only for our kitchen?

smilnsigh said...

Unbelievable... But I have one for you.

Husband heard this, from a city worker. We have big snow piles along streets in this city. Crews were trying to clear them away, on a street. A kid was playing on them and the city worker said he had to stop doing so, while the city workers cleared the snow.

Are you ready for this???

His father came out and told the city workers to get lost. His son could play where ever he wanted to play. Snow piles along street too.



Meari said...

While I disagree with using profanity in front of children, I do have to agree with the insanity of allowing a child to play a 'game' like that with moving vehicles, at home or otherwise. That's just plain dumb and dangerous. Love the ending of your post. LOL

Anonymous said...

Okay, I can understand your point of view up to a point. It's utterly ridiculous that the mother considers what her son did as not a huge deal.

But you were out of line swearing...particularly that front of a young child. His mother was an idiot (and apparently the father is, too, since this is considered a game of some sort), but if you had let loose with the word "fuck" in front of my grandchild, I would have been a lot less inclined to be so polite.

So profanity doesn't kill and a Tahoe could...does that make teaching a small child that foul language is the way to ease your frustrations the "right" thing to do?

You were as immature as she was ignorant.