August 17, 2006

I live here too .. show some respect

O.k. so last night something crazy happened ... keep it clean people. I went to bed as usual at about 10 p.m. With the pup at my side I feel asleep pretty fast only to have a rude awakening at 10:39 p.m. as Sgt. Major took to barking and growling like there was a grizzly at my front door. Since the barking has become the norm since George's deployment, I proceeded with the customary "Good boy! Come back to bed!" which usually gets him calmed down. But not last night.
After crawling out of bed I found him at the bedroom door in the "guard dog" position with the growl working. Then I hear it ... voices in the front of the house. Looking out the livingroom window, I saw nothing, so to the bedroom. In front of the big picture window is a huge tree so I got nothing from there wither, but the sound was definitely closer. "Damn it! They are on the blind side of the house," I thought as I went to the window in the office to see if I could get "eyes on" from there. Again, nothing.
By this time, I realize it is angry shouting, versus drunks. "Damn it, again!" I go back to the bedroom and peer out the window again (thank God for dark colored, heavy drapes). Now I see people moving in my front yard outside my bedroom window and there is a car parked cocked-eyed and ass-backwards with headlights blaring into my bedroom window ... now I am just pissed. Don't these people have work ... hell I live on a military installation, someone's getting up for PT at 5:30 a.m. and it wasn't me.
I got back to the livingroom to get the phone and peer out the window just in time to see them pull the car up across the street from mine. Then two tall black guys in jeans and wife-beaters emerge from alongside my car yelling and stepping up to each other (I'm not racist, but white people are just too chicken for all that drama, we'd just hit you with the car and go back to bed.)
I grabbed the phone and went to the bathroom to call the MP station (I didn't want them to see me turn the lights on and I'm too cheap for a phone that lights up). I tell them what is going on and ask if someone can drive by the make sure that everything is o.k. I leave my information and hang up. With the MPs driving through the neighborhoods throughout the night they should be here soon ... wrong!
About five minutes later they are again in my yard, but then a pregnant girl in her early 20s shows up ... oh, this'll be good.
A few minutes later one of the men and the girl squeal out of the neighborhood (hello! speed limit is 10 mph!) Since there was no crash I figured that my car was fine so I crawled into bed to go to sleep. I'm tired and if I want to see drama, I've got the Soap Opera channel.
About 13 minutes after calling the MPs (yes, I was watching the clock) two roll through the neighborhood, take a quick tour and leave. Whatever, I just want to go back to bed.
Five minutes later the car comes squealing into the neighborhood, screeching to a stop in front of the house across the street (by now I figured which family/house it was). They burn rubber getting into the driveway (I was kinda hoping that they would hit the garage just for kicks, but no such luck). Go back into the house and close the door.
Thank God. It's over I can get some sleep. By now it is nearly 11:30 p.m. and I need some beauty sleep. Just as I get the puppy down and doze off at about 1 p.m., it starts all over. Damn it! Here we go again.
We'll see what happens tonight and I'll fill you in on what the news in the neighborhood is about that house later ... that's right. I'm gonna gossip. So if you don't like it sign off for the next few posts. If you are interested ... pull up a chair. Here's the latest ...

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