August 17, 2006

Flashback ... 1996

What comes to mind when you think about ... Tom Cruise's call to "Show me the $$$!", Tickle me Elmo getting the giggles, Dennis Rodman's white wedding dress fashions, and Will Smith taking on the aliens to save the world .. that's right you are back in 1996!

This weekend I faced my biggest fear and came out of it unscathed ... what was it? My 10 year high school reunion. That’s right. Independence High School Class of 1996 regrouped for a night of reminiscing and catching up. Most of those who showed up had stayed in the area, but a few of us (seven by my count) had moved away.
My first hurdle was trying to get to the point where I felt happy (or at least indifferent) about my looks. I had cut my hair SHORT in the past few months and not only were they seeing it, but my family was seeing it for the first time.
I also had these crazy illusions that everyone would be this highly sucessful people, but Ha! it wasn’t as bad as I thought. There were a few “career” people there (me included) and most of the girls had kids, so it wasn't that bad.
I was in top form (I’m going to brag a little). I had the cutest capri dress pants to wear with a cute top and jacket (thank god it was cold!)
I got to catch up with a few people but once the DJ started playing (another guy I went to school with in middle school) and everyone got drinks in them, it got a little crazy ... I don’t mind admitting that this girl likes to party hard, but I don’t think this was the place to get wasted at. I was looking forward to catching up, but others were more interested in hooking up and getting drunk. Maybe I was just intimidating (Ha! If you only knew me, intimidating is not the word you would use) but it did make me think about my life over the past five years and I must say, I’m sitting pretty.
1. I am married to the PERFECT man who treats me like a princess (does weekends at the Ritz Carlton, jewelry for no reason and dinners at jazz clubs convince you).
2. I am successful career-wise (I am hold two degrees, plus am completing my masters and was made senior staff writer after less than two-years at the newspaper).
3. I get to meet amazing people through my job in public relations (Kevin Sharp, Aaron Tippin and Negro League player Ira McKnight to name a few)
4. I socialize with colonels and generals (sometimes that’s not so glamourous!)
5. I have a beautiful home (I tend to like the finer things and my husband loves to surprise me) with an amazing puppy who greets me like ... well a princess, every night!
But I digress ...
I was really sad that George couldn’t be there though. I’m sure he would have enjoyed it. He really loves dressing up and getting out and talking to people. It really would have been fun to have someone to talk about the events with too. Not that I wouldn't mind showing him off either. There were only a few who managed to keep their waistlines undeer control and George would have be the envy of them all. What can I say, my husband is a HOTTIE!!
We don’t get to see my dad’s side of the family often, only once since we’ve been married actually, so I‘m sure they would have liked to see him too.
Oh, well! I'll get to show him off next time we are in town. I’ll post pics when I get some.

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