August 7, 2006

My life is not a game of craps

O.k. maybe I have become a little sensative since the deployment began, but my new pet peeve is people taking bets on how long it will take for us to get pregnant when George returns. I don't mind it so much when close friends make jokes about it. They do and I accept it. That's what friends do, tease each other where they know it will get them closest. But when people I only see monthly (at most) in a social situation start placing "bets" I start to get pissed. My life and the life of any future child/children are not in existance for people's entertainment.
Sometimes I contemplate starting my own bets. How long were the Soldiers gone before their spouse started stepping out on them, or how long will the marraige last once the Soldier sees how much money they pissed away while they were off fighting a war? O.k. I'm really not that mean, but sometimes I do get frustrated. I guess I should be more forgiving, but whatever. I'll be really happy when this deployment is over though ... with or without a baby!

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