March 1, 2007

Craft Corner: Monthly Goals- March 2007

This is my stitching goal for March. I started it nearly four years ago. My mom bought this pattern, DMC varigated threads and aida fabric. While I thought the pattern itself was cute, I hate stitching on aida and prefer other, higher quality dyes threads (I think this one actually called for WDW). I have been putting it off because I actually loose my desire to stitch when I pick it up out of the basket. Hopefully, I can get motivated and finish this thing. I'd love to give it to my mom for Easter. Keep asking for updates and maybe I'll get it done.

My finishing goal for this month is to get these two machine embroidered pieces done. I got them at one of my mom's quilt shows when I was working for her quilting company. She doesn't sell her items through a store but instead attends quilt shows and has a website. Anyway, at most of the big shows you see the same vendors over and over. One machine embroidery vendor let me make some samples when I was taking abreak from my mom's booth (and walking around spending my paycheck before I even got it). At the end of the show, she gave them to me. I think they are beautiful, and at first wanted to make pillows of them, however I have a furbaby who loves to lay all over stuff and I'm sure they would be ruined in no time, so I am going to frame them. (Yeah, another day at the Arts and Crafts Center!)

This is a project that I have enjoyed working on the past few months. It is a springtime table topper with daisies flowering around the edges. I hope to do one for each season, but for now, this is my first. I ordered the kit from Herrschner's, which has aplethora of beautiful crafts stuff. This one will probably be the one I pick up for inspiration when the Easter Bunny get to be too much.

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Cheryl said...

Great table topper! Those machine embroidered pieces are gorgeous too. Good luck with the easter bunny!

smilnsigh said...

"Keep asking for updates and maybe I'll get it done."

OK. :-) I'll have to try to remember to keep asking how you're coming along on Mom's Easter gift.


Mary said...

Okay, I personally find that little Easter bunny positively adorable! I will ask for frequent updates just to see him finished...he is so cute!

stitcherw said...

The Bunny is cute, and now is a great time to work on an Easter theme, so hopefully that helps keep you motivated too.

The tabletopper is very pretty, and so springy. I want spring to get here sooooo bad.

Meari said...

The table topper is really cute!