October 6, 2005

Attacked at the (fuel) pumps

Well crazy things always happen to me and if I took the time to record them here you would be amazed. An example ... well let me tell you about my experience at the gas pumps this morning.
I left the house as usual with the plan to get gas on my way into work. There is a AAFES (Army and Air Force Exchange Services) convience store about a half mile or so from our house (on post) that I pass on the way to work, so I stopped there.
Now I know that with the recent fuel shortages here after Katrina and Rita, tempers grow shorter fuses as fuel lines increase.
However, as luck was on my side this morning there were two car at the pump and one waiting when I pulled in. After we both pulled forward, there were no other cars behind me (I was in the row with tanks on the driver side).
Since there is a temporary $30 gas limit on post, I went inside to drop off my ID (only military cardholders and I think gov't workers can use the AFFES stores) and let her know I would have to pump (I didn't know if I would need the whole $30).
I came back out and pumped my gas, happy that not only was the line short but the pumps were moving at a faster pace than last week.
Well I must have left Luck in the car and brought Miss Fortune in with me, because as I enter the store I passed a lady standing near the door on the patron side of the register counter staring at me. Ignoring her I saw that there were about five or six people in line and no one else in the store so I scurried around the last person in line to grab an orange juice from the cooler. At this point she stopped me and asked "Are you on pump three?"
"Yep," I replied more concerned with whether I wanted a juice or a Starbucks drink.
"Well you need to pay so I can get gas," she said.
"Alright," I answered, deciding to go with the healthier juice choice.
As I got in line she motioned for me to go to where she was next to the register. "Come and pay," she said.
"I'll wait in line," I replied.
"No, come here," she said.
"I'm not going to cut in front of these other people," I explained, seeking refuge in line behind a six-foot Soldier.
"They won't mind," she said.
"No," I countered.
Would you mind if she goes ahead of you?," she asked the customers in line ahead of me (which was three at this time).
"I'll wait my turn," I said, getting a little annoyed.
As she continued to gesture for me to join her, the Soldier in from of me told her to leave me alone because I was willing to wait my turn.
Then it was my turn, I moved forward thankful that it was not the register she was next to. As I tried to pay she began to crowd me (which I especially hate if I'm using a debit or credit card.) I moved to put myself between the card machine and her as she explained to the cashier that she was the next car in line and would be taking my place at the pump once I moved.
She showed the cashier her ID as I finished with the card machine and walked away.
All of a sudden I feel her hand on my elbow and began to be propelled out of the door.
Aggravated now, I pull my arm away and walk through the second door with her right behind me.
As I get into my truck, I see her standing on the on the curb with her hands on her hips gesturing for someone I couldn't see to come forward.
Wanting to delay her a little more I slowly put my credit card in my wallet, which I then put in my purse and turn and buckle my seat belt after setting my juice in the cup holder.
As I began to pull away, I looked back and see that her car (driven by another person) is now sitting inches away from my back bumper.
"Seriously," I thought, "the nerve and impatience of some people."

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LoveMyTanker said...

This beats all, I swear! You however did a wonderful job of handling this situation and I can say that I probably would not have do as well as you in a similar situation! HOOAH!