April 19, 2014

A Bed & Breakfast of a Southern Girl's Dreams

I'm pretty proud of the fact that I grew up in Louisiana's Plantation Country, in the shadow of some of the most beautiful antebellum houses on the Gulf Coast. From Oak Alley Plantation to The San Francisco Plantation House to Houma House, as a little girl, I didn’t dream of my wedding, I dreamed of a home like these.

My dreams of modeling a future home after these historical treasures didn't fade as I grew in adulthood, but I did realize that a home of that size might not be realistic, so I settled on mimicking it in a smaller format. Unfortunately I fell in love with Prince Charming who loves Mediterranean style homes, but we’re working on his one flaw …

Thursday while working on final projects for the TEAinTEXAS Summer Issue the publisher and I made a day trip to Galveston, Texas. One of our stops was the impressive Lasker Inn, and its beauty surpassed everything you see in photos. As I walked through the house, I contained my excitement in what I hope was a professional manner, but inside I was as giddy as a girl with a backstage pass to New Kids on the Block … or um, One Direction. (And now I’ve aged myself.)


The Lasker Inn is so beautiful with its tall ceilings, regal furniture and striking room colors. It took a lot for me to not take off my shoes, sit on the floor and just slowly and methodically take in all its grandeur. I can see why this is such a popular spot for weddings and events. It is amazing.

The only thing that is more amazing is the staff’s friendliness. I was already planning my next visit before I even left. 


The Lasker Inn’s history is as unique as the city it calls home. This grand Colonial Victorian home was built in 1970 and later became a Home for Homeless Children after the Great 1900 Flood. Later it was home to Heritage Christian Academy and then an event venue before Linda and Richard Denson took up the challenge to restore the home’s warmth and welcome visitors to stay in Galveston at the renovated Bed & Breakfast. Now Lasker Inn serves as a celebration station for couples pledging their love and life to each other. If you are even in Galveston, I recommend that you check out this beautiful piece of Texas history. 


It was absolutely the best way for me to start off Easter vacation 2014!

Until our next cup of tea ...


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