April 21, 2014

A Little Easter Inspired Creativity? Or Just Tea Inspired?

Ah, a quiet Easter morning is heavenly. We woke to a little Monkey crawling into our bed at 5 a.m and convinced him to go back to sleep until nearly 7 a.m. The after we got up and shuffled to the livingroom to start our day with a little bit of Batman (the 4-year-old was in charge of the TV), I snuck out the back to play "Easter Bunny" and hide the dinosaur eggs and layout the Easter basket. Fun ensured as we searched the yard for the treats left for Monkey by the Bunny.

I made blueberry muffins for breakfast while Daddy and Monkey played with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys found in the basket, then off to a few hours of creative fun while the boys played and watched movies.

I'd purchased some boards earlier this week to cover with fabric. I wanted to use two of the antique end tables that we have from George's grandmother's collection and placing the under the covered boards. It turned out to be a quick and easy project. 

(Eventually I want to order a piece of glass for the top.) 
Then I rummaged around the house, finding things to help me organize the space and decorate it. That was fun. A decorative mirror, candleholder, frames, etc. I even "borrowed" a white from from the kitchen and framed this paper teacup my publisher had given me.  

It was such a quick and fun project. Eventually I'll add some shelves about the desk and maybe a bookshelf off to the side. I'm kind of excited, because until now the office has been filled with my husband's guidons, awards and such with a corner for my craft stuff. Now I am fully embracing my half of the room, so I am excited to see how it turns out with a "two-faced" his and hers office. I'll post pics when I get it all organized and complete.

Until our next cup of tea ...


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