April 18, 2014

New Adventures in Our Own Backyard

Well, been a while since I've posted any blog, on here or any of my blogs such as the Traveling Teacups: A Creative Community for Military Families. The past year has been one of extreme change for me and I admit, somedays I have trouble keeping up. With George in law school and the Army Reserves, and Jamie actively involved in extracurricular activites as well as a educational program at school, I have my hands full and my schedule is feeling it as well. 

Last summer I also left my job at the law firm to help my parents move their company back to Texas. It was short notice so instead of having to find staffing on top of the phyical moving aspect, so I jumped in. It was not as fun as Duck Dynasty protrays a family business to be, but we survived the transistion.

In February I was offered a full time position as the South Texas Regional Account Executive for TEAinTEXAS, a cultural travel publication highlighting unique travel to promote that relaxing "tea state of mind". I've worked with the magazine on the annual Quilting (Fall) Issue the past two years, but to now have a full time postion at a dream job is exciting. The great part is that I am able to start writing again and for that I am excited!! 

I definitely get to explore some amazing things in my own backyard and will share these adventures with you, because really Texas is too amazing to keep to yourself!!

So hopefully I can get back into a schedule that allows me to blog more often because I love writing. So this blog may take on a new feel, but its not different than military life, change in inevidable ...

Until our next cup of tea ...


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