October 20, 2012

Pink Saturday: Fabulous Fall Foliage

Hello friends, old and new! This has been one of those weeks that you wish you could erase from the books, from being rear-ended by an uninsured teenager to work that steals your weekend, but this post will not dwell on those issues!

It's Pink Saturday, so even though I am tired and in pain, I trudged my bootie to the computer to post the pics that I have been excited about all week!

I had to work last weekend as well, and ended up spending half my Saturday at the University of Houston Clear Lake for the monthly Autism Speakers Series (and really, the SPecial Needs portion of my job is my favorite, so I was a little happier!) The Student Center building where the speaking engagement was held has these leaf impressions all over the sidewalk! How absolutely adorable!

Then this past week, Monkey's teachers finished up their fall tree decoration that the kids have been working on (Hint: It says "Fall in love with learning.") I love it!

It reminded me of a name tag that was made for me at my very first Officers' Spouses' Club meeting when I became an Army wife 8 years ago ... and yes, I too am shocked this little thing has survived 3 moves and countless craft room or holiday storage reorganizations! I love to put it on display somewhere different each year. Love it!

It's not necessarily "fall foliage" but in the spirit of Halloween, I made this adorable little spide dish towel, and thought I was finished but decided to extended his web across the top, so back into the working basket he went. Maybe I'll get to finish him this week ...

And this really has nothing to do with Fall foliage, but with the cooler weather comes lots of soups and stews and I made this quick and easy "semi-homemade" broccoli cheese soup and will try to post the recipe sometime this week.

Well, I hope everyone has a wonder Pink Saturday and takes the time to enjoy the wonder fall colors of nature that are popping up!

Until our next cup of tea ...

3 Tea Party Guest:

Stephanie said...

Hope you are better soon! I love your post. The name tag is a really cute idea!

Happy Pink Saturday,


Carolyn Robbins said...

What beautiful memories! Feel better soon from your new follower

mypinkprettiesaboutme said...

Thx so much for stopping by my pink Sat. post two weeks ago. I got back into town in time to join in again this week. I'm so happy I went back to my earlier post because now I've found you. I do hope you are feeling better after your accident. Also want to say thx to you and your husband for serving our country. Hope your back in the pink soon