October 16, 2011

The "Write" Stuff!!

For the record, I miss my job s a journalist ... I love writing, telling stories, being the source of information. I even wrote all the time on here until we were stationed in Miami and I was cut off from "real" military life.

Think about it -- I was like Forrest Gump-- in the right place at the right time for some really crazy stuff. (Show of hands if you were stationed on a base where a tiger got loose, had lunch with Aaron Tippin, or in Louisiana during Hurricanes Katrina & Rita.)

I've had weird encounters, strange experiences & random moments that all up to one conclusion- I am a walking magnet for rndomness and holder of all the front row tickets. It's like solid gold for a writer & I loved sharing my stories.

Take yesterday for instance, hubby and I decide to do a day trip to Disney World with Monkey. While I am waiting at the transportation center with the baby in the stroller while hubby runs back to get the forgotten camera, a lady positions herself in front of Mickey Mouse statue and raises her shirt to her neck while her male friend/partner in crime snaps a picture! Who does that? I don't know, but you can place a bet I'll be a witness to it somehow. Heck, lay down some Vegas-style bets & I'll split the winning with you.

As much as I loved it, I don't think I could really go back to doing it for a while because it can be a really unstable schedule. With George's job requiring him to be gone for periods of time, I'm realize that the main care of the baby is up to me. With that in mind though, I would love to continue writing, maybe for a magazine or something. I think my dream job is, and has always been to be a book editor. Think bout it, you get to read all the books first! It's like getting private showing of movies ... AWESOME!! But then agin, I've always been a book junkie. The only thing better would be to write a book. I've mde so many notes of books that I'd like to write but I just don't have the confidence. I don't even have the confidence to tell my husband so that I could work in time to write into our daily/weekly schedules. {Sigh} Maybe one day ...

Another fun job would be to work public relations for a museum ... any museum really, but something in the science or history areas would be amazing! I really wanted to work at the Signal Museum when we were sationed at Fort Gordon, but we were only there a few months, so instead I just visited almost weekly.

What would your dream job be? Did you do it? Are you still planning to reach that goal?

So until our next cup of tea ...

2 Tea Party Guest:

Karen said...

I love reading your blog. My dream job was to be a mom. However, being a mom doesn't pay well so being a teacher is my other dream job.

Rene @BudgetSavingMom said...

I am glad that you are able to blog & write. You should give writing a book a shot. I am sure that you would do great! You could also edit from home for ebooks maybe??

My dream job is probably what I am doing, staying home and blogging . . . to make it REALLY my dream job, I would make money so that I could hire out all of the parts that are not so fun in blogging. (-: