October 15, 2011

The Accidental Chef: White Beans and Ham

Well, we have officially gotten our assignment for our next duty station and while that will be another post, it has in a way led to the creation of this one ... Not so much the "clumsy cook" part, but the white beans and ham ... let me explain.

Just as many military spouses do starting anywhere from weeks before a move to a panicky few days before, you start to reevaluate your pantry and fridge for foods that are best used before the move in order to prevent as much waste as possible. Last weekend, I went through the fridge and freezer to clean out anything that was bad and make a note of what we needed to eat before the move. That I came across what can only be described as "manna from heaven". Last Christmas my mom and stepfather ame to visit for Jamie's first Christmas and I made a huge meal ... including but not limited to stuffing, green bean casserole, cheesey rice and broccoli casserole, turkey and Bourbon-Glazed Ham.

Well, we had lots of the ham left over so I chopped it into cubes and threw them and the ham hock into the freezer until I can up with a brilliant plan for them ... ok, from the start I knew I was going to use it for white beans and rice!

Well, now that we are 45 days away from moving, I finaly got around to it. I got white beans, searched for recipes for cooking it, wash, sorted and soaked my beans ... then the day I was going to make it, both Jamie and I woke up sick. He was super clingy, and I could barely eat breakfast with him hanging on me. I still hadn't found a recipe I liked, so I said a quick prayer, imagine everything I could about my grandmother's white beans and rice then threw ...

2 c. white beans (after soaking for 12 hours in water),
4 c. water,
2 medium onions, chopped,
2 Tbsp. chopped garlic,
salt, pepper and parsley
(defrosted) chopped ham and ham hock,

... all into a crock pot, set it for 10 hours and waited ... hoping we'd have something edible for dinner.

Surprise! It turned out amazing!! I was kind of shocked, I really thought I'd have to make some adjustments. When hubby came home I made some rice and it was ready to go. Who knew! Once again, I accidentally made a good meal!!

4 Tea Party Guest:

Anonymous said...

We love that meal! It's an after Christmas favorite to do with leftovers. I've never thought to do it with rice before. We usually eat it as a hearty soup with biscuits. It looks so good it's making me hungry. :)

ancient one said...

I like the beans and ham with the juice and cornbread. I know it was delicious!!

Sue said...

YUM! Not just a word for Red Robin. Looks delicious.
God bless you, George, Jamie, (and Sgt Major) as you prepare for your least the Army does the packing. Doesn't make the planning any easier, but at least that's one BIG job you don't have to worry about.
PS If you have any other yummy recipes, we sure wouldn't mind reading about them.

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