October 13, 2011

Wedding March ...

Ok, I'm going to skip around a bit on the posts from our road trip adventure from John and Stepha's wedding. I I really want you to see the pictures of Jamie in his tux!

We got to the wedding site about 6:15 pm to get Jamie dressed and hopefully take photos with Stephanie and maybe John, but other than talking to Stephanie briefly, we didn't have much of an idea of what to expect. Of course the one thing I forgot was the camera, so I had to use my phone. We got there and got him dressed, which was of course was adorable!!

The photographer was hard to track down before the wedding and we were only able to get a few photos of him and Stephanie ... who looked absolutely beautiful!!

Here is what we were able to get. He was a little upset so the pictures were fast. They kept trying to take his truck away {gasp} and Stepha was trying to get him to tuck it behind her, while George was worried everyone was scring the baby! I thinking the poor little guys was on sensory overload, he recognized Stephanie but was scared by all the other people trying to get his attention and pick him up and making a big deal about his tux. Everyone kept telling him, "Watch her dress, watch her dress!" He had no clue what was going on. (He's almost bigger than Stepha, huh!?!)

I wish that we could have gotten a better picture but the photogrpaher really didn't give much direction nd we didn't get picture with John at all! I guess it means that they'll just have to come visit when we get settled in at our next duty station- although it probably won't be as fun as Miami!

As we waited in line for the wedding party to walk, he started to meltdown. We were almost 2 hours past his bed time and were having one of those moments where we wished he didn't have such a rigid schedule. Poor Stephanie kept asking if he was ok and apoligizing that he was so cranky. When it came time for him to walk, we set him down (George had been holding him), held our breathe and watched as he walked down the aisle following the other two kids, while little Maggie veered right and kept on walking. I ran after Magiie and looked up just in time to see Jamie get to the end of the aisle and walked to George who had run to the front to intercept him when he got there. It was perfect! Unfortunately, I haven't found anyone with a photo of it!

Afterwards, we took him upstairs and changed him back into his regular clothes. That tux was a size too big and he was fighting it so much. The wedding itself was beautiful and so was the reception. I thought for sure we'd be going home after we changed him, but as soon as we did his mood changed and we were able to stay at the reception for about 30-45 minutes. Many of the family members got to spend some time with him before his belly fully of grapes and cheese told him it was bedtime! (Thanks Grampy for not giving him sugar!) All in all it was a great visit. The next morning we loaded up and headed back home ... and that 15-hour drive was not as fun!

So until our next cup of tea ...

2 Tea Party Guest:

ancient one said...

He was absolutely handsome in his tux. Sorry about the pics, but you will have the memory in your mind forever.

Vee said...

He looks adorable in his tux. He certainly is growing fast!