October 11, 2011

Playing the Waiting Game ... and Losing

As with everything in the Army you are expected to be on time, if not early, but they can take their sweet molassas time about things. You learn to live with it, but I don't think anyone ever gets used to it.

We've know for months that we would be leaving here in December ... heck, we knew when we got here in December 2009. His command position is a maximum of 24 months. Just because we've been preparing for it doesn't mean the "almight Army powers that be" were too concerned. George started calling his branch manager (lower level powers that be) in July. They said that they'd know by mid-August; August rolls around and they said check back in Septemeber. Meanwhile, he's asking me what I want to do, where I'd want to go.

Well since there are like 700+ US Military bases and we are currently stationed at and Air Force Reserve Base, that kind of gives me way too many options to even wrap my head around. Not that they ask my opinion anyway, but like a true man, he would throw out probable options and want to "brainstorm" about it --- talk about information overload! He'd put in requests for a program or school or some other specific location and then want me to look at schools, housing areas, etc. before even getting an answer. I'm sorry to say, I got good at just agreeing while he talked and processing limited information.

In August, they told us Sept. 15th was the magica dte. It came and they sent him a list of places that needed captains, we looked at the options, started making notes (since I could process this small amount of info) and waited for someone to tell us what the next step was. Well, the next step was to tell hubby, he would more than likely be promoted before a full assignment was done (most assignments run 24-36 months) and since his year group (commision year) was to be coming in two years and he'd be on the list for possible early promotion this coming year, his options were none of what they sent us. (Confused yet? Officers are looked at for promotions according to a timeline and then based on performance can be promoted a year or sometimes two early.)

Well, the list for him was different, so what seemed like a million phone calls later, he got a list of 16 positions that were open to "majors". We sat down with that list, go super excited because there was one in Houston (our hometown) and prioritized the list and ent it in then wited on pins and needles. Then we are told that some of the positions, including the Houston one was specific to "senior majors" or those who'd been to ILE (majors' school to define it simply) or who'd had some years as a major. Well, poop!!

Well, we just sent the darn list as is and let them sort it out since the order of perference would still be the same. Then they said that we'd have an answer of where we were going Oct. 1 ... a Saturday. So hubby thought maybe they'd know Friday and tell us, but that the official paperwork would not be issued until that Monday. Ha! It's like we were smoking "the good stuff"!

We finally got and answer late Thursday (Oct. 6) just before a 4-day weekend, meaning we wouldn't have any paperwork until Tuesday (today) at the earliest ... well, we must have had an abundance of "the good stuff" because still not word today. So we wait ... I guess it cold always be worse (and we've seen worse, like changing assignments the week before you pack your house!) We know the general time the ceremony will be for the change of command, so based off of that we can start prepping some things.

Luckily, we don't have to transfer Jamie's school or try to transfer my job (that's a whole other rant!) I can start getting the list of things to take with us for travel versus what the movers take, I can start making a to-do list (pick up doctor records, vet records, stop magazine subscriptions, hold the mail, etc.)

I guess all-in-all we still have some time, though 60-ish or so days will fly by in no time. Hopefully, we'll have some news soon and I'll let you know the good/bad/ugly of that adventure.

So until our next cup of tea (which for me will be some sort of calming chamomile) ...

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jenicini said...

Oh the fun! I agree that you come to expect it, but you never get use to it or at least it's never easy to wait!! They gave us the MAJ list to look at too, but the competition for those assignment was more and the assignments not as good! So we took the CAPT lists and got #1!! Anyway, I really hope that you get your orders soon!

ancient one said...

Sounds so confusing... but it will all work out... Hope you get the base you want!!