October 17, 2011

Operation Organization: Closet Case

So anyone who knows me, knows that I am a control freak, but more so and organizational addict! Is it wrong that my favorite stores are the Container Store and Staples! I love anything that helps me get organized and makes life easier. Maybe its because I was raised in the black hole of chaos with 11 other siblings. I like things neat, in order and tucked away if at all possible. Clean countertops are heavenly and I collect containers like Carrie Bradshaw collected shoes! (Shout out to my Sex in the City junkies!)

Well, when we were organizing th Jamie's stuff before he was born, we knew we wouldn't have a dresser for him by the time he arrived. Most of the big stuff was left to us to get and of course you go with necessities first. Closets are easiest for me to keep organized, especially those with nice long shelves for baskets and containers. When we started buying his diapers and wipes in bulk, it was easy to store them away and grab and go as needed. For those deep closets (depending on the housing options when the Army moves us), I usually put the command hooks on the back wall to easily tuck away bags, hats, etc. This is a picture of the baby's closet ...

The accidental discovery was made one day when I was just too darn tired to go and put his blankets in the hall closet. I decided to just fold and hang then over clothes hangers and deal with them later. At the time my window of opportunity for working in his room was limited since he was an infant sleeping every few hours. As you can see, the boy has got a lot of blankets for living at the southern most tip of Florida where it gets cold may 10 days a year!

He has a homemade quilt from a great grandma, and a crocheted one from the other great grandma. Then there is the twin sized afghan (yes, twin sized) my mom made, the homemade ortiental quilt from our former commander's wife, another afghan made by the mother-in-law of a military spouse I was close friends with during the second deployment. That's not even counting the quilts I've made him, the one that came with his bedding, the ones we got at the baby shower, or the homemade ones we got at the hospital from a local organization. Yep, tht's a lot ... and again, we live at exit 1 in Florida ... can't go any further south without hitting water!!

Now, I'm not complaining, since we are moving to a "colder" location in a few months, they'll come to some great use.

Another tip for those organizing ... it is best to occupy the kiddos ... or they may off their "help." As you can see, I just boxed my little "helper" up!

Now our next big project will be the move, which is a few weeks away. Assuming I can maintain my sanity, I'll post some organizational notes about that as well!

So until our next cup of tea ...

2 Tea Party Guest:

ancient one said...

Love that organized closet and the handmade quilts, but the cutest thing in the room is the boy in the box..LOL

Rene @BudgetSavingMom said...

I have quite a few blankets as well. That is a great idea! I wish my closets looked 1/2 that good. LOL!