October 17, 2011

Pretty Pink Princesses ... and a White Rabbit!

So its no secret that George treats me like a princess, just like it's no secret that I have this crazy obsession with collecting teacups and teapots. Well when we went to Disney World on Saturday for a quick trip to see the mouse and to get some Halloween decorations we saw on our last trip, those two worlds collided ... well, "collided again" anyway.

Earlier in the year, maybe April or May, we went to Disney World and George surprised me by getting me a beautifully painted Alice in Wonderland teapot. Its was so beautiful and I told him I wanted to save money and get the matching cups ... but there were two kinds, the classic teacup and saucer and the more modern "mug" style I guess you would call it. Well, I'd been putting off making the decision as they were both really beautiful, but as we didn't know if this would be our last trip with the pending move, so I went ahead and got two of the classic cup and saucer sets. I think they are absolutely beautiful as a set and can't wait to display them when we get to our next house.

I love it! As we were leaving the park, George asked if he could run into a store to see if they had a Mickey Mouse movie or something for Jamie, since we hadn't found any of the Halloween stuff for him we wanted. He came out a little bit later and said they weren't any movies for Jamie, but that he got me a surprise. He got me this adorable teapress pot that was Also Alice in Wonderlanded themed with more tea. (The square tea tin I had gotten when I picked up the teacups sets.)

Isn't it adorable!?! I wasn't in the car 5 minutes when I took a photo and sent Jamie's godmother and my BF a picture to tell her to set aside some time for tea parties! O.k. we probably won't sit around at a white plasic table with big floppy hats and dolls in chairs, but we're definitely going to unwind with some tea over the holidays..

To round out my Disney tea collection, here is a photo of the first set George bought me last Thanksgiving when we went to Disney for the holiday.

Can you see all the Disney Princesses on the saucer and the cup? It goes around the teapot as well.

I can't believe how many beautiful teacups and pots I've collected over the years. Now, my goal is to "save my pennies" and find a cabinet to match Dad (Lindsey)'s dining set so I can display them, as well as get a few cast iron teacup stands and stuff for displaying around the kitchen. I am so excited to work on getting to have my entire collection on display rather than rotate them on what space we have now.

Well, off to do some chores before Jamie wakes from his nap ...

Until our next cup of tea ...

3 Tea Party Guest:

FP said...

Your blog is interesting, has left a great impression.
Best wishes

ancient one said...

your collection is beautiful. fit for a princess..

Rene @BudgetSavingMom said...

Those are beautiful! I love that your husband surprised you with them too. It makes them even more special