October 18, 2011

Saving Solutions for Budget Conscious Families

Raise your hand if you have no interest saving money?

Raise your hand if you have too much money to deal with so you look for chances to get rid of it?

Raise your hand if you think paying full price for stuff is the price you pay for a busy lifestyle and so you willing accept the trade-off?

How many of you are sitting on your hands right now!?!

Well, I agree. Since I started living on my own, I have looked for ways to save a penny or two here and there in hopes of making my meager paychecks stretch, especially during those college years. From coupons, to sales, to clearance items, seemed like the the solution but I had no way of knowing where to look or who to turn to for advice. I mean, sure as the 4th of 12 children my dad and stepmother had to find ways to pinch the budget and make it stretch- his solution was to grow our own foods, hers was to feed us expired foods -- I guess the combination worked for them and as far as I know we all survived ... but that wasn't the road I was willing to take, just yet.

I willingly stumbled through my journey, getting tips from friends and such, but then a few months ago I stumbled on to Budget Saving Mom, quite litterally by accident. I love all things free and was searching to add links to my ever growing list of cross stitch retailers and designers who had free patterns. Sure I have more patterns that I'll ever use, but it made me feel like I could still have something fun for "me" even though as a mom, my priorities were changing to put the baby first. Long story short, I mistyped "budget saving crafts" for some project I was attempting, dropping the word "crafts" and there she was ...

I meandered through her blog and links and found heaven ... I mean there weren't any angels singing or celestial music, but maybe I'll see if she can add that- you know, if the budget allows!!

Next thing I linked to her Facebook Page and there she was, every day giving me tips, pointing me towards sales and coupons, showing me where the freebies were located. I had found the fountain of information that I was seeking ... who needs the Fountain of Youth, if you look, she may have a coupon to get you a free sample!

Lately, she's been telling readers about the book she's working on and I am really excited to see the finished product -- even before she asked if a comment I left on a conversational question on her Facebook page could be used as a quote.

So if you're not Donald Trump, Bill Gates or some other vastly rich person, I invite you to check out her page. I mean, what the worse that happens, you save a little money. I'm sure even Jennifer Lopez is a coupon clipper ... or at least her nanny ... twins can't be cheap. So count yourself among the "informed", you've got the scoop, now go save yourself some money and in the process you might just get a little more than you bargined for, I know I did.

Now, I'm off to read my free Family Circle magazine- courtesy of Budget Saving Mom.

Here's how to find her:
Budget Saving Mom, LLC
Twitter: @BudgetSavingMom
Facebook: BudgetSavingMom

Until our next cup of tea ...

2 Tea Party Guest:

Rene @ Budget Saving Mom said...

You are so kind!! Thanks so much for posting this!! I am so glad that you found my site & Facebook page!!

Gail Gardner said...

I love seeing one blogger supporting the efforts of another blogger. Rene does have some wonderful information on her blog - and wait until you see her book!

I do believe there is a chapter in there for just about everything and there is some really excellent information in there. I am fortunate to have seen the rough draft because she is in a blogging collaboration I mentor and all projects are better when you ask for feedback from trusted collaborators.

I'm sure you will LOVE the book and do notice when Rene mentions the others in the collaboration as they all have related blogs that are full of even more great tips.