February 2, 2010

So disappointed ...

Yesterday morning George told me that he received an email the day before that some of the NFL players from the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl would be visiting the base to show their support for the servicemembers and their families. So I contacted one of the spouses in the Det who is a HUGE sports fan to see if she wanted to go and bring her 18-mo old. We met up at the unit, the guys gave us directions to the hanger where the players would be and we headed up to get some autographs.

We got there 15 minutes after they were scheduled to arrive and there was already a small group (maybe 100 or so people) waiting. We chatted and watched her son entertain himself with wheels on a nearby cart and looking at the ceiling.

After a few minutes we learned that there was only one player who showed up, from the San Diego Chargers, and he couldn't even bother to wear a jersey or anything with a team logo. He wore a white tee shirt. There were also two Dolphin cheerleaders and the two Saints mascots, Gumbo and Sir Saint. That was it.

Nw I remember when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and there was an outcry for the military to help those stranded. Fort Polk, the nearest active duty military installtion, and where we were located at the time, was tasked with helping bring aid to the hurricane victims. (One example of Soldiers help Hurricane Katrina victims.) Despite the fact that many of these units were themselves preparing for deployments, they packed up what supplies they could and sent huge convoys to the destroyed city to help. A month later, when Hurricane Rita hit the western side of Louisiana and eastern portion of Texas, the Soldiers were again there to help, despite the fact that the base too had been part of that disaster. Families rallied to help each other pick up the pieces, especially for those who lived off-post as the Soldiers again rallied to help the outlying communities.

It was just so disheartening to see troops drop everything to help their "neighbors" in the community ... which could be hours away from their own families, but when it comes time to show their appreciation, we get the "B-team". Hopefully, this isn't a sign of what life here in Miami is like for military families.Last minute info, lack interest in support from the community, left-overs ...

Until our next cup of tea ...

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