February 5, 2010

Proud of Our Troops

I know that many of us often recieve emails forwarded from friends who recieved it from another friend and so forth of stories showing pride and support for our troops deployed.

Though I can't give out much information, it is publicly known that troops from the U.S. to include our base (which has servicemembers from all branches of the military) and my husband's command are currently in Haiti helping with aide and recovery missions for the Hatian people. Earlier the fFmilies in our unit recieved this message from one of the officers in leadership and I thought it a blessing to pass along to my blog friends ...

"The Chaplain and I hear everyday, how our young men and women have stepped up (again) and shown themselves to be a proud representation of our country.

An example, is how that on one late cool night, there was this little homeless Haitian boy, sleeping outside on rocks and gravel - at one of hte Embassy Marine guard post. Because of his orders, a young Marine who was standing close to the boy, could not offer the child any cover, food or drink for comfort. After several passing hours, upon returning to our camp location, Chaplain T*** was amazed to find that the little child was still there sleeping, along with the Marine who was
still standing quietly beside him. The Chaplain, understanding the protocols of the order, asked the young Marine why he felt the need to remain standing beside that shivering sleeping child. This is what the young Marine in a heartfelt manner said, "Chaplain, I know that I am ordered to not give this little boy or anyone else any offerings, but I felt that while this little guy is asleep ... that I could make sure that he would be protected"."

May God bless the lives of our troops who are willing to serve others, even at the sacrifice of time with their own Families. Our nation is great because of people like them.

Until our next cup of tea ...

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Way to make me cry! Are your pregnancy hormones over here now?