September 30, 2011

Road Trip!

We started our first big road trip with Jamie since he was an infant on Wednesday. My niece is getting married this weekend and he is one of the ring bearers. We woke up bright and early, packed the truck and waited for Jamie to wake up so we could hit the road. We wanted to leave by 6:30 a.m. since it was a 14 hour trip and Jamie had been waking between 5:30-6 a.m. all week so since we didn't want a cranky baby we'd just wait for him to wake, then change and go! It sounded like a good plan but that morning he didn't wake until 7:30 a.m.! We didn't leave the house until 8:01 a.m. which meant we hit morning rush hour traffic!

Luckily, the hour ot took us to go 25 miles, was the most difficult part of the journey.

Jamie was surprisingly good the whole trip. I had bought some new cars and other toys and brought them out slowly through out the trip. That with the help of A LOT of Mickey Mouse helped to keep him occupied. There were some touchy moments during nap time or when he got tired of sitting, but a strategically placed Happy Meal, stops to run around at rest areas and gas stations helped keep him occupied. Here are a few pictures from our trip ...

Mickey is ready to hit the road!!

All settled in!

Sunglasses: $2.99 ...
Snack cup with Goldfish: $4.99 ...
Monster Truck: :$1 ...
Raod Trip with Mommy & Daddy: Priceless!!

My turn to drive!
(I don't know why this one keeps loading upside down!)

Ran too far at rest stop and didn't have energy to walk back ...

Waving bye-bye ... time to get back on the raod!

Not even 5 minutes down the road!
(I'll try to figure out the upside down photos and fix tem. Its only on my iPhone pictures but on the computer they are right side up ... I don't know!)

Nap is over time to read!

We had planned to make the trip all in one day, but it took us 12 hours to get from one end of Florida to the other (really, on the road at 8:01 a.m and crossed state line at 7:57 p.m. EST)! When we got to Mobile, AL we hit a storm and though it wasn't unbearable we were )oddly) stuck in a cluster of 18-wheelers that were having issues with the weather. One in particular kept veering from one side of the other and it appears he was struggling not to hit (though he came close) to other big rigs. Finally, we got to an exit and he got off, only then did we notice that he was towing a trailer with livestock (because we'd been following and I was too scared to pass him). I've been in regular trucks with moving livestock and I know that is hard, so to have a big rig in the rain must have been super stressful. It was about then we decided to just find a hotel and stay the night and drive the last 2 hours in the morning. I'll post more pictures and stories of our adventures over the next few days!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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