August 15, 2011

"Good Things Happen to Great People"

Today I was running errands and Jamie was being really good so I decided to stop at Sonic and get him some tots and me a strawberry limeade (now I don't usually reward him with fast food but so far his food today has been whole wheat waffle, banana, peas and multi-grain Cheerios, so it sounded like a good trade.)

When I got to the window and the cashier handed me my drink, she asked, "Do you want a big bag of food?" I'm sure I looked somewhat confused because the manager walked to the window with a big bag of food and explained that someone had driven off without their order and asked if I knew of a group of people who would eat it.

"I could take it to my husband's Soldiers at the base," I replied.

So he dropped a stack of napkins and straws in the bag (i guess the straws were out of habit) and handed me the bag. After getting my food, I headed to the base. There were 2 kids meals and 3 or 4 burger meals in the bag.

When I pulled into the unit's parking lot, my husband and a group of other Soldiers were standing outside the building. I handed the bag to my husband and explained what had happened. As I drove away I heard him say, "She brought some free food," and then I saw then dive into he bag of food he had placed on the gravel ... too funny! Free food and a lucky dad or two got to bring home toy for their kiddo!

On my way home I called Sonic and asked for the manager. I thanked him a gain for the food and explained that the Soldiers had been working all day in the warehouse and were thankful for the break. He said, "Woohoo! Good things happen to great people. I'm glad that we could give it to them."

2 Tea Party Guest:

ancient one said...

Loved this post!!

Sue said...

What a great story! Made me tear up just knowing there are people like those at Sonic - and you, who immediately thought of soldiers.
Blessings my friend,