August 16, 2011

THAT was NOT created by a mom!!!

So, today was a pretty routine day, after Jamie's swim lessons, we came home and played a bit, I did some cleaning, etc. About 10:30 a.m. I sat him down to give him a banana. Usually I just break it up and put it on his tray and he's good to go on his own. So while he had a snack, I started putting dished away (because the dirty ones seemed to multiply while we slpet last night and it was time to do dishes AGAIN!)

When I opened his cupboard to put his sippy cups and bowls away I noticed a puddle of red syrup on the bottom shelf. I picked up the baby Tylenol and Ibuprofin but they weren't leaking. After a little investigating I discovered the baby cough medicine had been knocked over on the third shelf up ... apparently a few days ago and it slowly leaked its way down to the shelf at eye level.

UGH! That did not look like a fun mess to tackle, but luckily my kitchen washclothes are pink with the nexeption of a new red one!

So the bottle had a child safe cap on it, but it still leaked! Hmmm ... Mr. Manufacturer, did that test come back "inconclusive" for you, because my "test kitchen" gives it an "F"! The syrup had crystalized one the top shelf, thickened on the second shelf and was just making its way down to the bottom shelf. Everything in its path was coated in a sticky red substance that was harder to clean that a bowl of spilled grits! (Yes, that is a southern girl reference!)

What I really want to know is whose brilliant idea was it to make chidlren's medicine red ... everything stains so easily! That was not done by a busy mom, that's for sure!

Oh, well. I got it all cleaned up, but not without adding to the dishes and throwing out or repackaging some stuff. Ah, the joys of motherhood!

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