July 31, 2011

Disney World, July 2011

Well, we just returned from another trip to Dinsey and had lots of fun. Here are a few pics ...

Jamie LOVED the patriotic Mickey Mouse in the lobby of the Shades of Green Military resort.

Enjoying the view of the golf course from our room.

We had breakfast with the characters and Jamie fell in love with June from the Little Einstein's ... loks like she was feeling the love too.

We also saw Handy Manny, Leo from the Little Einsteins and Special Agent Oso.

We saw Muppets 3-D ...

Walking through the park with Daddy ...

Riding on the carosel horse ...

Riding in the spinning teacups ... Daddy made them go so fast Mommy's tummy felt funny!

Coloring in the room.

Greeting the puppy after Daddy picked him up from the vet!


3 Tea Party Guest:

Vee said...

Looks as if you had a great time and that the little guy knows his Disney characters. Blessed family!

Meari said...

Jamie is getting to be such a big boy! Love the photo with him and the pooch.

Meari said...
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