August 2, 2011

Really!?! A Ziplock Bag was all it takes!?!

So Jamie has been sick since Saturday and of course he shared it with me. Well, when he's sick he doesn't want to eat, so I've been bribing with all sorts of stuff like waffles or goldfish just to get something in his belly because he's taking meds every 4-6 hours.

This morning I gave him a waffle for breakfast and within seconds he'd shredded it and thrrew it on the (freshly mopped) floor. I picked it up, took his second shredded waffle and placed it in a ziplock bag to put away from snack-time later. Suddenly, it was like I'd taken away his favorite blanket or something, the crying was immediate! I handed him the waffle still in the bag and he gobbled it down!

Really, a baggie was all it took!?! Silly boy! I'm glad he finally ate something, though.

Until our next cup of tea ...

2 Tea Party Guest:

Meari said...

LOL, maybe you should put all his food in ziplocs.. if that's all it takes. Kiddos... they're too funny sometimes.

ancient one said...

They are funny... sometimes just cutting things up in small pieces works... I've even served up tiny bits of egg and toast on tea set plates.. whatever works..LOL