July 25, 2011

Monkey Mix

So lately Monkey has been exploring with a variety of new food, which we are happy to help him do, however his recent streak of independence while do so has left us doing a lot of cleaning! So with a little creative thinking ... and a little taste-testing from the lil guy we came up with ...

Monkey Mix
(designed for toddlers who are starting to chew on crunchy foods ... feel free alter according to child's abilities!)

~2 c. wheat Chex Mix (can also mix and match or subsitute other varieties such as corn, multi-bran, rice, cinnamon, or homey-nut)
~ 2 c. multi-grain Cheerios (can substitute others varieties as well)
~ 1/2 c. chocolate goldfish
~ 1 container Gerber Graduates puffs (we use banana, but there is also apple-cinnamon, cherry, and sweet potato)
~ 1 c. mini rice cakes (Monkey likes a variety so we usually add whatever leftover pieces we have from the bottom of the bags.)

Mix all together and scoop into quart-sized zipper bags and store in cool, dark pantry.

*** The goal was to create a healthy snack so while substituting some items for sweeter varieties is ok, too many may leave kids bouncing like Tigger!! ***

Well, until our next cup of tea (and Monkey Mix) ...

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BaliMoz said...

He love banana so musch