July 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home: Getting my Groove Back

Hello Dear Blogger Friends, Goodbye Sanity ...

Well we finally headed back home July 3rd, but what would have been a 2-day drive turned into a 20-hour-long marathon when we learned one of George's Soldiers was in the hospital with an unexplained temp that reached 103 and beyond a time or two as it yo-yo-ed up and down. Its a scary situation for most, but especially for spouses who Soldiers are continuously going to and from countries whose sanitation is not always to the highest standards. Thankfully he was o.k. a few days later though to my knowledge they never discovered what caused the fever.

After that sitauation cleared itself, we got down to the fun task of unpacking ... I thought unpacking for me and a dog was crazy but a baby who grew into a bigger size while we were gone had me working long hours for a week to get organized again. On top of that I had a month of dust bunnies and such to get cleaned too. Who knew that toilets not in use could still get so gross ... YUCK!!! EEWWW!!! ETC ...

To make things worse, I had gotten back in the groove of drinking my favorite coffee, Community Coffee again and now am sad that I haven't found a vendor here in Miami. I guess I should order some from their website, but its at the bottom (no make that middle) of a long to-do list! ... Oh, Dear Sweet New Orleans Blend, we will soon be together again! (I'm trying to convince my mom to send me a 'care package" but since she is not a coffee or (hot) tea drinker, she doesn't get the importance of this necessity when you are up at 4:30 a.m. with a child who wants to hold a conversation with his ceiling fan.

But quickly back to the Houston trip ... it was a great experience but really, I am so glad to be back in my own bed among other comforts I've ome to value. But I promised that I would post pictures of Jamie's 3 month photo shoot (his modeling career may very well start here!).

Go Astros!

An Army of One ... Cute Little Man!

Out Little All-Star

Well, I'm off to make dinner!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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Meari said...

Adorable photos. Love the one with drool on his chin :)