February 25, 2010

Happy Two-Week Birthday, Jamie!

Well it has been an interesting two weeks since Jamie was born. We are finally getting a schedule going or at least a tenative one.

Tuesday we took Jamie for his 2-week check up and he was found to be "perfect" according to the pediatrician, but of course we knew that! He is back to his birth weight of 7 lbs, 8 oz. (he'd dropped to 6 lbs, 14 oz a week after his birth, as many newborns do) and his hips had relaxed from being breech for so long, he measured 20.5inches instead of the 18.75 measured at birth. I think he may be tall like his Grandpa George! Oh, and the jaundice is gone!

On the homefront, things are settling down. Jamie is sleeping through the night, waking for only one or two feedings (hopefully this trend will continue!), he is very awake and alert most of the day and stares at you intently, like he's studying you. He's very happy, smiling alot and only cries briefly when he feels the need to exert the energy.

George returned to work on Monday so Jamie, Sgt. Major and I are facing our days together. So far, Sgt. Major sleeps while Jamie demands ALL my attention, but I am slowly learning to balance his needs with laundry and other household chores. I have managed to make the bed every day this week (except today, so far)!

George is doing great with the adjustment, especially since he's never been around young children, much less infants. He's really been a HUGE help maintaining both the house and work while driving me and Jamie to all of our appointments and stuff. He's really great to watch interact with Jamie, and often cracks me up when he tells him things like "quit crying and get a job!" when he's changing his diaper or something. He also likes to sit outside by the pond in the backyard with Jamie and Sgt. Major and more than once I've caught one-sided conversations of Harley Davidson motorcycles and other topics.

I also had my 2-week check up Tuesday and the doctor said I am right on track if not faster with healing, but he still wants me to wait the usual 6-weeks before doing anything strenuous. I have at this point lost 20 of the 35-pounds I gained, so hopefully that means that I'll be back on track with my workout soon as I am cleared to exercise again. George and I have set a goal to run the Miami Half-Marathon next January (YIKES!!) so I've got to start preparing.

Well, here are some more photos. Yesterday, Jamie had his first "bathtub" bath in the spa friends from college sent him. He really enjoyed it as long as he was covered with his frog wash-cloth. Afterwards, we snuggled and rocked in the recliner with my childhood "blankie" before going downstairs to feed him and do some laundry.

Until our next cup of tea ...

7 Tea Party Guest:

Expat Girl said...

The photos are so cute!! I hope you find a routine soon although it sounds like everything is going great and you are being lucky with night time feeds! I hope I am this lucky!

lime said...

sweet1 love that last finger sucking shot. so adorable.

ancient one said...

Love seeing Jamie and how things are going... He's just Beautiful!!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Aw! Sweet, sweet baby boy!

Blessings & Aloha!

Vee said...

Newborns are so adorable and even though Jamie is already two whole weeks old, and even older than that now, he's still so tiny and new. What a handsome little man he is and tell his papa that he's not in need of a job any time soon other than to grow big and strong. Glad to hear that all is going well for everyone. It's good when adjustments are made with minimal difficulties. Keep getting your rest now and don't even be thinking about that marathon any time soon. You've got plenty of time for that in a few months.

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Katie said...


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