August 30, 2009

I have a fever ... baby fever ...

Well, you all knew it was coming, so don't act surprised! I tried to hold off as long as possible, but once we learned it was a boy, could you really blame me!?!

I haven't gone too crazy. We still have to move before setting up the baby's room plus the baby shower in Houston, after which we get to figure out how we will tote everything back to Florida (cross country trip with 7-mo pregnant wife, dog who's acting out and a truck full of stuff to be unload alongside all of out household goods ... I really feel bad for my hubby but he's been a good sport about it so I'll have to get him a good Christmas present!)

We have allowed ourselves one plastic tote of stuff to be collected by us while we are here. I'm sure we may get some gifts and such by then, especially from my dad's side of the Family who is not hosting the shower, but there's not point in going crazy now. The key to adding a baby is BUDGETING ... or at least that's what people tell me!

Anyway I'd been looking for a "Johnny Jumper" but couldn't find one at Babies R Us where we'd registered. I remember my younger siblings having so much fun in them, though they were also entertained by the many (12) siblings as well. So George suggested Toys R Us which actually had more baby toys than the Babies R Us, which was mostly supplies and accessories.

While we were there we noticed I couldn't help but walk through the clothes now that I knew what we were having. When we went to register after the results I was looking more at blankets, onsies, bath towels and such, since we aren't registering for clothes (just items such as carseats, bed, bedding, accessories for organization). We want our friends and family to have fun not feel like they are being told what to buy.

Anyway, we went to the clothes and their summer stuff was on sale, and a lot on clearance. I am a bit surprised by how much restraint I did have considering I am a sucker for a baby boy in the little polos and shorts or the button shirts. So cute! Not that some of the play outfits weren't adorable! So I restricted myself to one full price outfit (which turned out to be on sale anyway) and two clearance items. George was concerned since I'd just had a soda (caffine free!) and the clothes were next to the bathroom, but I maintained control.

So here are the outfits I got ...

My brother and uncle are firefighters/medics so I couldn't pass up the jumper with the firetruck on it and what little boy doesn't dream of being a pirate at some point. That one was also too cute to pass up. Both are 6-9 months since I'm sure we'll get most clothes in the smaller sizes.

This one was too cute to pass up too! So adorable for church or a unit activity. I did get this in the 3-6 months, but the next size was 12 months. George picked this shirt over the plaid button up one that was also an option.

In addition to these cute outfits for Father's Day I had gotten a Harley-Davidson blanket, shoes/slippers for the baby for George. He and his dad really bonded over motorcycles and as you may remember he'd rebuilt the HD 1964 Panhead that his dad had started on for a ride in his honor over Easter. We also have a HD 1935 Flathead that he dad had in parts that will be a project for the future.

(Click on the picture to read the bibs!) The weekend before we found out it was a boy George took a leap and bought the onsie when he was out for a ride while I rested. After we found out it was a boy we stopped by the HD store locally and picked up these bibs as well. I think the baby is set for his HD pride, though there was a cute onsie we saw when at the last duty station that said "My grandpa/dad rides a Harley." Since it was only in pink or blue and I wasn't even pregnant yet, we didn't get it and now can't find it. (Not that I've stopped looking!)

It's definately been fun preparing for the baby and I'm sure it'll be even more fun when he gets here (though I've promised George not to play dress-up with him!) I'm sure they'll be more to come ...

Until our next cup of tea ...

2 Tea Party Guest:

ABW said...

I love my baby boy in khakis and polos or button ups.

The HD Toothless but Ruthless is adorable, and I am sure when your boys are working on their HD outside that George will be able to pass on memories of his dad!

lime said...

the first thing i bought for my first baby before she was born was a tie dye baby shirt. big surprise, huh?

you're going to have one dapper lill guy :)