August 24, 2009

*Ahem* I have an announcement to make ...

On Friday George and I went to a non-military clinic for a gender determination test. Would you like to know what the results were????


Yeah! George was so happy! It was really amazing. They did the normal 2-D ultrasound and gave us about 8 different pictures (I'll post a few at the end.) They also did a 3-D version in sepia or "color" (also will post) and 2 others in black and white. We also got a video of the nearly 20 minute session. (Will try to attach later!)

The newest addition will be named George James Lindsey III, but called Jamie which is the same nickname of his much missed grandpa. He will be the 4th George Lindsey. George's grandfather had a different middle name. There are other George Lindseys in the lineage, but he's the 4th generation in a row (does that make sense?) We are sure that this bundle of joy (and energy from the appointment) is a gift from his much-loved and missed grandfather after a very hard year.

So without further ado ... I will not be the crazy parent who pulls out a flipbook of picures ... (click on each picture to enlarge)

Thats his bum and little legs on each side of the "ahem" proof ... he apparently likes to flash his booty.

Here he is again ... in a more modest manner ...

Here is the 3-D ultrasound

Until our next cup of tea ...

5 Tea Party Guest:

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

And A handsome little man he is too. I know you are so excited. Keep up posted of your progress.

Cheryl said...

Awww thats great! A little boy! How exciting. I actually wanted a girl LOL but am obviously over that now that i have a little boy! They're so much fun

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...


And now you can start decorating for a little boy's nursery and by all the cute baby boy clothes!

so, exciting!

ancient one said...

A little boy... so sweet... He has his name ... just needs the thngs he wear, sleep in, and all the other things all babies need. At least you know which colors to use in the nursery... I love knowing ahead of time what the baby will be... everyone doesn't want to know... I'm going to be a great grandmother in a few more months... and I'd kinda like to know... but that will be up to the mom and dad.... I love babies!!

stitcherw said...

How exciting, with knowing it's a boy now you can begin stocking up even more on different items he'll need. Glad you had such a good time in your earlier outing, what a lovely tea set you got as well.