July 20, 2009

"Do Those Diapers Come in Adult Sizes???"

Sorry I've been away for a while, things here are pretty hectic. This weekend George and I were talking about the whole birthing pat of it since I'd been watching another episode of A Baby Story. I mentioned that I was worried that my water would break in a public place or something. He said he thought that the doctor did that. When I told him that it could happen anywhere, even when I'm sleeping he said, "Eww, I don't want your water all over me!" His creative solution was that I would wear adult diapers my last month and a half! God love him, but I am so happy he's not the one who is pregnant!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

....hmmmm, actually that's a pretty resourceful solution haha

With my 3, the doctors had to break my water for them all.

they came pretty fast...time from admittance:
1st born-2 hours (8lbs 2 oz)
2nd born- 40 minutes (9lbs 2oz)
3rd born- 6 minutes after my "water" was broken (8 lbs even...thank goodness, he didnt follow suit and was10lb 2oz!)

Hope you are feeling good and over the morning sickness!

Sue said...

My doctor had to break my water for both of the kids (considering they were born 34 and 29 years ago, it's remarkable I even remember:). Scott was nearly 4 weeks late (the doctor's words: "gee, had I known he was this big we would have induced you 3 weeks ago"). Laurie was a preemie - nearly 9 weeks early. Needless to say, Laurie was easier to deliver since she only weighed 3lbs. 5 oz. Obviously, I never figured she would grow up to be an Army SSG.
You just never know Michelle. Sometimes they fool ya and let the doc do all the work, and other times they just want to do it their way.
Blessings, my friend, in the days and weeks to come. You are going to be a good mommy and I agree...better you than George going through this. :)

lime said...

adult diapers? no way. what a suggestion!

ABW said...

I had a friend whose husband lined the whole bed with trash bags cause he was worried about that. I think the chances of it breaking in public are minimal. Two broke at the hospital and one at home. One was during me getting the epidural. Ouch!