June 23, 2009

Happy 500th post: And the test results say ...

I am pregnant!

We were very excited to learn the news since we have been trying since George came home from Iraq in August 2008. Good post for #500, don't you think!?!

I actually "felt" it before I was far enough along to test, but once we were able, I took the test. I got the results I was expecting but I still took 4 more test before wrapping my head around it long enough to tell George. He was very happy!

I am about 7 weeks and at first I was extememly tired, but unable to sleep. It would take me an hour or more to fall asleep and the smallest things would wake me, like George turning in the bed or Sgt. Major trying to snuggle. I was getting about 4 hours of sleep a day and naps were not happening! UGH! Then the morning sickness started on Saturday. I was hoping I would be one of the lucky ones, but alas, I feel so sick all day, but am not able to "be sick" (to not be gross about it!) I'm one of those people who would rather "be sick" than have the feeling that leads up to it.

If being pregnant wasn't real in the beginning it is now! I am still working with the trainer and he has modified it for "prenatal fitness" which is a good thing because discovered yesterday on the treadmill that anything over 2.5 MPH makes me dizzy. The workout was fine, but the treadmill seems to be the big challenge!

Well, I'm off to eat more toast! Any advice on how to deal with morning sickness, please let me know!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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Vee said...

Wow! I'm so happy for you both. This is just the best kind of news!

(Advice? Oh dear, you don't want my advice I'm quite certain, but I did find that allowing an M&M to melt in my mouth slowly helped. Of course, one led to another and another...)

Take good care of yourself now...

Vee said...

OOps! I forgot to say congrats on 500 posts...that's quite an achievement!

Ms. MO said...

Congratulations! :)

jen-again said...

Congratulations on the pregnancy and on the 500th post!

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Congrats to you and DH. And also congrats on 500 post.
Oh dear, I sure wish I could help, I was sick every morning,but couldn't be sick, I hated that feeling, it always felt so much better to get it out and rest rather than stay naeuous (MSP) all day, I also stayed sleepy with my first couldn't stay awake.
With my second, I finally stated eating a honey bun and drinking a coke about 9 AM, boy did that get it up and then I was good for the day. Only problem was the calories never came up, just the food.
I sure hope you find something to help you.
Be sure and get plenty of rest.

ancient one said...

Congratulations on your good news!!! Sorry you are already having morning sickness...but mine went away after a while... its been so long ago...LOL Congratulations on the 500 post!

nikki said...

anything with ginger helped me! with taylor i was sick in the evenings and it became a great excuse not to cook! :)

lime said...

what wonderful news. congratulations!

as for the nausea the books all tell you saltines and ginger ale. for me that only made it worse. with my first one, oranges of all things made me feel good. actually, i found eating small, healthy snacks regularly so i never got ravenously hungry was the biggest help. the orange mid-morning was the one that sticks out most memorably though.

liberal army wife said...

well YAY! on both! for the morning sickness - activated charcoal tables/capsules. available at health food stores.

oranges or lemons.


Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

so so so exciting news! hope you get to feeling better soon.

and I love your new label "Baby on Board"!

oh and 500 posts! I'm up to 17... just a wee more for me to go! wow!

Sue said...

What GREAT and George must be so excited. And of course congratulations - about the 500 posts too.
Fortunately for me, I was one of "those people" who only felt sick when I had to cook...the cooking smells really got to me..but I never was actually sick.
Take good care of yourself and be well...eventually you will feel great.
Hugs and blessings,

My Army Brats and Me said...

Wow 5ooth! Congrats on your little baby to be or military brat:) I am know you are happy.

Cheryl said...

Thats great news-big congratulations! I was sick every day for 20weeks, nothing helped me im afraid