May 28, 2009

A Chance Encounter ...

Greetings dear friends. It has been a few days since my last post, well nearly a week really. I promise to do better, but I think with this post you will find the wait worth it.

As some of you know, this weekend my beloved husband and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary. Though many wives would have objected, I was thrilled when my husband presented me with 46 sessions with a personal trainer at the post gym. As my closest friends know, I had been athletic all though high school and even college, maintaining some of it as I adjusted to my new life as an Army wife. I'd managed to stay relatively active (and happy with myself) until about a year ago. A new job, another deployment, finishing my masters, and volunteering in the community had left me getting less and less time at the gym.

It was the once place I could go and get lost in myself (there is something indimidating about interrupting an person with an MP3 player on). I could let go of all the stress and just "go to my happy place." But when I started to lose that time I began to get discouraged. After (george's) dad died, I tried to spend as little time with my thoughts as possible, so I only worked out with George and when out schedules would allow.

Lately I'd been looking for a way to get back to where I had been, so my husband bought me the sessions as a way to help me get there. Most wives might have been offended, but I was happy he listened. I've got enough jewelry and a closet full of trinkets, but this was something that could help me reach a goal

So Monday was my first day. Iwas anxious and excited, but when i left I was satisfied and in pain. My arms still hurt from that workout and I have another upper body workout tomorrow, but you're probably wondering about the "chance encounter" part.

Well, yesterday I met my trainer for a day on lower body (I go three times a week). He was just finishing up with his previous client, so after a few minutes of warm-up on the treadmill we got to work. As we started the workout, his previous client came over. My trainer had told me he was a paralympic athlete who'd participated in the 2008 Olympic games. He stayed, giving my trainer new ideas for an ab workout. It was a grueling workout to say the least, but there was just something about his attitude that made me want to keep pushing through the pain. I was a little intimidated by him, but only during the ab workout.

When I got home, like any good investigative journalist, I did some research and found that Scott Winkler was a Soldier injured while deployed in 2003. NBC had a brief documentary about Scott. Though I'm still feeling the effects of the workout, it was a great experience.

Until our next cup of tea ...

3 Tea Party Guest:

nikki said...

i would love to get a personal trainer...its funny when your athletic you think you know how to work out...but then to get worked out by someone who does it for a living...i bet your body was like what the heck was that!

Sue said...

You are so inclined to think like Laurie - she was really afraid that she would gain weight since her program doesn't allow for regular PT anymore - no company runs or things of that nature. So she joined a gym, makes sure that she goes there on a regular basis after she is done at work/school and then goes home and takes the dog for a run. Every day. Thing is, when she was home on leave recently, she was told by our neighbor that she should EAT. He should see what she puts on her plate...seriously she is a GREAT eater - low fat, hardly any sugars, but ice cream? She loves it! Always manages to find the flavors she likes in the lower fat and sugar varieties. She has the best of both worlds because, like you, having a steady routine of working out is a sign that her health is important to her. And what a wonderful gift George gave you. Tells you just how in tune he is to what you like.
To have met such an admirable young man is also a reward for your workout, and your dedication to your profession. I'll keep Scott in my prayers too-that his stamina can continue. Another American hero.
Happy Anniversary and many more my friend.

stitcherw said...

While an unusual gift, sounds like it was perfect for you, and how thoughtful of him to have listened to you and thought to get it. Enjoy your sessions, sounds like you'll get quite the workout this way. Also, sounds like something I should try :)