April 16, 2009

So Says the Sarge: Packing It Up

Hey! It's me, Sgt. Major. Mom and Dad are quite busy right now with the movin and all, so I thought I'd give this whole blogging thing a try. Mom gets awefully excited about it, but Dad isn't into it very much.

Well the house has been a flurry of activity this week, and no one is paying much attention to me. A few of the ladies packing said I was cute and one of the movers stopped to pet my head, but for the most part, I've been watching everything and getting quite anxious.

On Monday, Mom and Dad picked my up from the kennel where I'd spent the weekend. I was not happy and they were concerned that I was sad and slow. For some reasn that they can't figure out and I haven't been able to tell them, I cannot jump anymore. I can't et on the bed, sofa or in the truck without their help.

On Tuesday, Mommy unpacked boxes that she and Daddy brought from Grandpa's house in Houston. Daddy came home sick and was in bed with me all day on Monday and Tuesday. She also did A LOT of laundry and packed the bags to take with us. Just watching her made me tired.

On Wednesday, the packers came. There were so many of them. They said if I was good I wouldn't have to go in the kennel, so I perched on the couch all day with Daddy and watch the craziness. Mommy was back and forth trying not to get in the way. It was kind of funny.

Thursday brought the movers and I was confined to the livingroom. At least I had some room to move around and Mommy and Daddy hung out in there in between checking on the loading of the furniture. The house looked really empty when they left. That night we slept on an air matress in the bedroom. I was happy because I could climb on and off all night! Daddy was still sick and went to bed after finishing the packing. We crashed at about 11 p.m. Mommy stayed up until 1 a.m. cleaning. She finished on Friday and then we packed the trucks and left at lunchtime. By then I was very excited about riding in the car and was running around crazy.

Yesterday we srove for about 7 1/2 hours before stopping in Tuscaloosa, GA. to sleep. Then this morning we were on the road again. I slept most of the time, see ...

Time to go, I think I hear Mommy putting food in my bowl ...

3 Tea Party Guest:

stitcherw said...

My you have been having a whirlwind lately. I can't imagine having to pack all that up, live with just what you could fit in the truck, and then deal with all the unpacking. Hope everything goes smoothly for you and DH is feeling better soon.

lime said...

lol, what a face. i see the moving has worn the pooch out too!

Sue said...

SGT Maj,

Tell your mommy and daddy to give you your very own air mattress in the spare bedroom of the new house so that you can be comfy. Also please tell them I wish all of you God's blessings in your new home.
Sounds like you were the perfect doggie while the movers were there.
Good dog! :) (woof woof).