March 27, 2009

It's so hard to say goodbye ...

So Wednesday was my last day at work ... "Why?" you might ask. Well, we got orders, we are moving! Yeah! While I am quite excited to be going somewhere now after 5 years, it was really hard to say goodbye.

Monday they had my farewell luncheon. Yes, it was two days before my last day, but I knew everyone would be there and I wanted my last day to be a quiet one ... which it was, but more on that in a minute.

So George (husband) and KG (co-worker, neighbor/adopted sister) were my special guests. I was actually surprise George went because he too was getting ready to had his Soldiers and shop off to someone else, but he was there.

We met at the "new" local restuarant. it's not really new, but it is at a new location. There were commanders and FRG Leaders who I'd worked with in the MP Bn as well as FRSAs from other units.

So brief overview, I am a Family Readiness Support Assistant, which is basically part liaison between commander leadership and Families, part adminstrative assistant to FRG leaders and (in my case) a universal shoulder to cry on. The Army has madated that each deployable battalion have one of these "Family reps" to assist Families before, during and after deployments. (Note: Not all are military Family members ... but I think it helps to know what they are facing!)

O.k. back to the luncheon. So after we order the Rear Detachment Commander, who I am happy to call my friend as well, leaves and comes back in with a large frame and very cute "Viper" green tote.

So they do the presentation adn present me with a set of Battalion colors (the unit's flag). Here it is ...

This s close up of the inscription.

Here is the bag ... I was using it a few hours later! I am a "bag" lady!

I also got this adorable coffe mug. It's a bright fuscia pink with a lime green embroidered "M: on it. Love it!

I also got this cute "Fleur de Lis" candle and candleholder.

It was great and I am so greatful for all the well wishes. We are only a few weeks away from moving, but for the next 6 days I will concentrate on homework, because my exit exam is Wednesday. After that I'll be posting more!

Until our next cup of tea ...

6 Tea Party Guest:

ancient one said...

After Good Bye... comes Hello...Hope you love the new place...

Vee said...

So many changes coming up for you!

What nice parting gifts and the plaque is a special honor. I can tell that you truly will be missed.

Thank goodness that the blog doesn't have to move just because you are!

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

What sweet gifts, Are you stationed at Fort Polk now, my son was Stationed at Fort Polk back in 86. He was planning on making a career out of the Army, He went straight from his training at Fort Benning to Illiasham, West Germany, for 2 yrs. this was before the Wall came down..he was in Germany when the Russian power plant explodied, he was on the Rifle sharp shooter team and a sniper, he loved it, he loves guns always have, until an accident while Stationed in Germany tore his knee to peices. When they did his Surgery at Fort Polk, (one of 7,) they discoveried he had a crippling form of Arthris (msp) so he took an Honorable discharge and came home.
He is the son that I have pictures posted of the Disney trip. He's 46 now he is on special meds that help him get around, we pray he does end up in a wheel chair.
Sorry, didn't mean to write a you like the new base you are headed too.

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

OH my goodness I meant we pray he doesN'T end up in a wheel chair.

lime said...

wow! i didn't know this was in the works. i hope the transition goes smoothly. did tommy gunn come to lunch? have you spoken to him lately?

CmyTroops said...

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