September 24, 2008

I'm surviving ...

Hello all! What a crazy week this has been. I came back to Houston last Thursday to spent time with George and help with his dad and WE STILL DO NOT HAVE POWER!!! UGH! It is so hot, I worry about Sgt. Major, and I am getting cranky ... it is not a pretty sight!

It takes a lot for me to get cranky enough to take it out on people, but I am toe-ing the line! They said maybe by Sunday we'd have power, but no promises. I know I shouldn't complain, we are so lucky compared to those in Galveston. Have you see the damage they recieved!?! There was one town that was completely demolished, save for one house standing. I wish I could find the pictures of that. If I do, I'll post later.

My favorite story is the one where a Lion Takes Refuge in Church (click to see story.)

Here is a link for a collage of the aftermath ... Hurricane Ike(click to see photos.)

We were indead lucky. With all the doctor's appointments I haven't had a chacne to take pictures of his father's neighborhood, but will try to get one or two to show you. There was a lot of downed trees, but again, my FIL's house suffered only minor issues.

I know those of my readers who are as neat as me can feel my pain when i say that the cords from the generator running through the house and their "bachelor-pad" style of living that has been attributed to the power outage is driving me insane. I just have to grit my teeth and count to ten ... soon I will be back in my organized home with clean countertops and neatly folded blankets and clothing ... It could always be worse ... we ould have nothing left to clutter the counters and floors.

Until our next cup of tea ...

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ancient one said...

So sorry that you/they are still suffering with no electricity. After hurricane Floyd back in '99, we had no electricity for about a week. I remember how hot it was and how hard we had to work to clean up debris. Needless to say, this old girl had to take a lot of breaks.

Just hang in there. Things will get straightened out... and let's hope sooner than later!

Seamus said...

What a mess Ike has left in its wake! Glad that you have survived mostly intact!

lime said...

yikes. i'm glad your back and really only suffering inconvenience and discomfort as opposed to a full loss or destruction of property. nonetheless i hope relief to you comes soon.

Sue said...

I know that as a military wife you are used to lots of challenges, but I'm sorry that you have to endure this too. Hoping that you'll get your power back soon. We lost our power for only a few days a couple of years wouldn't you think that it would sink in after a few hours that nothing would happen when I hit wall switches? Yeah, you would think so.
But seriously, we are all keeping you, George and his dad (and of course the puppy), in thought and prayer.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

It's not easy to be roughing it, I know. May you get back to normal very soon...plenty of electricity to run the A/C and time to get your home back in good order. Take Care!

stitcherw said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed you all get power back soon. That is so hard to do without for such an extended time. I've seen the pictures of the one house standing, unbelievable. The article on the lion in the church was pretty interesting too. Hopefully you're back home and everything is settled soon.