September 29, 2008

Stay tuned ... Don't change that channel

Hello All! What a craqzy two months it has been. I feel like I my head is still spinning with everything that has been going on. We finally got electricity on Saturday ... that's right, 15 days without power. Boy, I really learned a lot about my husband during that time!

I'm back at work this week, George has been moved to Rear Detachment, which means he doesn't have to go back. We will still be seperated most of the time as he will be in Houston and I'll go there every other weekend.

I have 20 books to read and write papers for by the end of November if I want to graduate in December. I don't know if it will happen, but I'm going to try, I 'm just really burned out right now.

Work is crazy as two units deploy and families get settled and another unit prepares to return home. Everyone is in an uproar right now, but it keeps my mind busy.

Well, I'm off to walk the pup then get back to schoolwork, but here are some upcoming posts:

√ Vegas Trip story and pictures
√ Surprise from Iraq and other surprises
√ Hurricane Ike pictures from the neighborhood
√ Family legacy ... insight my quirks

Until our next cup of tea ...

3 Tea Party Guest:

nikki said...

that is great that george got rear d....i imagine you can breathe easier now

Seamus said...

Yay that George isn't having to go back to Iraq!

Sue said...

What a wonderful thing that George doesn't have to go back...yet no doubt part of him is still there.
Friends are out here thankful for this turn of events in your life...and that George can stay near his dad.
Though you have so much on your plate, one HUGE thing being gone has now made room for, maybe, some mashed potatoes? Much better than sand.
Be blessed my friend.