September 15, 2008

At peace again ... for now ...

Ah! Life is back to normal, well as normal as possible in the military world. I am home temporarily, return this weekend for another doctor's appointment and to see George off. This week I am at work trying to get my MP families up-to-date.

On Friday I attended the deployment of the second element in our battalion to leave a it reminded me of when George left. It was a hard time for me having to say goodbye, knowing I'd have to be strong. I made a mental note to take extra care of them as they adjust to the seperation, especially as the holidays draw near. I think for me, the holidays are the hardest.

Today, I went back to the office and spent the day catching up with the Soldiers, family members that stopped by and checked in with FRG Leaders to get updates on how the families did during Ike's visit. Hurricane-wise, post has returned to normal with only powerlines and trees damaged. All in all, we only lost power for a total of three hours over two different outages. The winds were kind of worrisome, but by yesterday, even that had died down.

My favorite part of hurricanes in thisare is the cool front that sometimes follows. It was cool and in the 70s today ... Amazing!

It was hard to go into the office and see that the entire command group was gone. They'd deployed while I was on leave (which my commander though was the best since I was closest to that particular group) and the battalion headquarters was quiet today as I walked the halls.

On a good note I moved into the XO's old office while they are gone so I'll have a little more privacy when dealing with families. It wasn't as necessary with the previous deployed unit, but we have more first-timers this deployment and I want to make sure they feel comfortable talking to me. I am excited to get it set up and will post pics.

Lastly, here are two photos of our "shelter" during the tornado sightings ... Enjoy ...

Up-to-date news is important to the puppy.

Maybe I'll let him be a "guest blogger!"

Until our next cup of tea ...

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Sue said...

SGT Maj (the puppy :) needs to be blogging - he always looks like he has so much on his mind. He strikes quite a pose - but I'm sure is great company for you too.
Your friendship and concern must be so comforting to these soldiers families. It might sound silly, but as a mom, I am thankful that your soldiers families have someone who cares about where they meet to speak with you..that they have some privacy so they can talk freely. I'm sure you are a blessing to them.
As you send George back, please tell him that there are many people out here keeping him in prayer; keeping YOU in prayer and of course your father in law. I will pray that their parting will be one of hope.
God bless you my friend. And many hugs from this mom.

ancient one said...

Your hurricane "shelter" looks very much like my tornado shelter.. I always get in the hallway with bathroom is very small and half the wall is covered in mirror... so I always think the hall is safer for some reason.

I'm glad the families of the soldiers have you to help them. Scott's (the soldier on my page) mom does volunteer work on the base to help others. Her husband, son, and son-in-law were/are military.

I'm so proud of our troops and their families!

lime said...

glad you didn't suffer any major storm related issues. oh you so need to have sgt major do a post!

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

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Debbie Moss

Thanks so much for your SUPPORT!

Seamus said...

Glad that you survived the ravages of Ike. What a mess it was!

stitcherw said...

I'm glad to hear things went fairly well with Ike there, not to much damage. Sounds like you're going to have a lot going on with the various families and helping them cope with the seperation. I'm so glad that there is someone there to help them. Hopefully you have a strong network too, as trying to help them so much when you have to deal with your own seperations would be incredibly draining. Take care,

kbug said...

Can't wait to see what Sgt Maj has to say..... :)