September 13, 2008

The Ike Chronicles: Part II

Fun times! So there are now tornado warnings on top of hurricane watch for our parish and post is advising residents to **SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY** so Sgt. Major and I are hunkered down in the hallway with enough puppy food and almonds to feed us for a while. Why almonds? Because that is what I grabbed and then forgot the bag of muffins. (If Ike breaks my windows and ruins my homemade muffins, he'd better keep running!)

So while watching TV (last night) I checked the Polk Channel (sorry, it is now Warrior Spirit TV ... heavy with sarcasm!) and they said when the sirens sound to seek shelter as they would warn of tornados sighted on post ... OMG! They went off all night. After seeing the warning Yes, I am going crazy! I am just ready for a vacation from life! His dad is o.k. for now, we'll find out if he is strong enough for I quickly stashed the necessary items (water, food, TV, IDs and other paperwork, leash, computer and battery op. radio), then secured the "please God let these survive" items (tea cup collection, grandmother's Christmas angel, George's cowboy hat-don't ask!, etc.).

I was talking on the phone with a spouse/friend/neighbor when the sirens went off and we both headed for shelter (she has a laundry room the size of a child's bedroom) making sure to take our fur-babies (she has two cats) and settled in to wait it out. I soon realized that with the exception of the oddly narrow hallway (never noticed that before) I was pretty lucky. I have a walk-in hall closet where I an stash everything not immediately needed, entry to the bathroom, which has no windows, and the AC vent blows into the hallway through the door.

So here I sit on a pile of carefully folded blankets, with my chilled flavored water, flashlight, radio and gun (Hey! I'm from Texas!) blogging away, chronicling Ike and chatting with a spouse or two ... not too terrible, but I am worried about how George and his dad are doing ...

Until our next cup of tea ...

Editor's note: Photos will be added as soon as I can upload them from my phone.

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Sheila said...

Oh Sweetie, I hope you are okay..?
I like storms, but then I've never encountered anything like you get down there..!
I'm glad you have Sgt. Major for company, and I hope he doesn't get too freaked out by the weather.