May 12, 2008

Thank you anonymous poster …

Two months ago I wrote a post entitled “If it weren’t for war …” In it, I express what I have learned and gained as the spouse of an American Soldier. I’ve gotten continued comments and emails on the post, which was written in a brief reflective period during this deployment. Most have said how they found it inspiring or hoped that when it came time for one of their loved ones to deploy that they would find the same strength and courage to see the brighter side of things. I’m not a leader or inspiration, I merely write what I feel and hope that others give pause to consider.

Today, I received a comment regarding that post that made me feel even more assured of what I’ve chosen for my life’s journey:

“It's so beautiful that so many Iraqis and Americans had to die in a war based on lies in order for your life to feel slightly less boring.” – Anonymous

Now I have been encourage to delete the comment by a few friends and colleagues. I could have deleted it or merely ignored it, but since it’s my blog, I’ve decided to tell you what I think …

First, let me say “Thank You” for taking the time to post. It wasn’t the newest post or even at the top of the page, so you either ventured here from someone else’s page or took the time to scroll though my page. I’m sure there were other things you could have been doing.

Secondly, thank you for expressing your thoughts and views. While I don’t agree with you, it makes me happy to see that people are using the freedoms that our forefathers gave their lives to garner for us and that those who follow in their footsteps like my husband and so many of the people who are in my life strive to protect, even at the possible cost of their own life.

Third, I think you slightly misunderstood my intent. I do not say I support war … as the spouse of an American Soldier I am the last person who wants to send the love of her life to fight, but I do support our troops. Mistake aside, as it is a common misconception, war has been an integral of America’s history. Not just wars, but those who protest them. There’s no need for a history lesson, but our forefather’s fought for our freedom just as our Soldiers do for the Iraqi people. No one was more patriotic than on Sept. 11, 2001, but now, nearly six years later, the actions of our commander-in-chief have divided the country. However, we must remember that our right to speak of our beliefs and convictions was granted to us by war … wars that people supported and opposed.

I am happy to see people embrace the freedoms that make our nation great. It shows that our troops fight for the interest of all Americans, not just those in power or leadership. That freedom is further supported by the turnouts of this election year.

Freedom is a gift … a gift gained at an immeasurable price. Again, thank you for leaving a comment that will give others a cause to reflect on what they stand for and what they believe in. I’m not sure this is the response you had hoped to achieve, but it is the response that my long time readers will know to expect. The sacrifice that my Family makes is dedicated to those like yourself who chose to use their freedoms, regardless of the manner in which you do so.

Until our next cup of tea …

"The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him." - G. K. Chesterton.

10 Tea Party Guest:

Joyce said...

Hi Rose Michelle,
I've looked at your site from time to time but haven't ever commented....I just had to though tonight after reading your post.
A few things from me....

First of all.....I totally appreciate you and your Husband and I thank you BOTH for doing what you do for me, and my family, and our country.
Secondly....whew!! handled that comment with GRACE my friend. I don't know if I could sort of made my blood pressure rise just reading it. I didn't really think it was fair....but then that's how some people feel about it all. Sadly.
Honeslty....I don't know anyone who "likes" war, nor have I ever.
We have known many men and women that have gone and served in many wars....including our own friends and family (male and female) alike.
None of them enjoyed it..but they all made a commitment and kept it.

Thirdly.....I LOVED the quote you put at the end of your's sooo true and I agree with it. family and I are just down the way from you all, we are in the Capital. We have been to your area though for various events. We have some very good friends up there as well. I came across your site because of the "tea" stuff you put on it. HA! I am all about the cuppa Tea!

PLEASE tell your Husband from our family that we are thankful for him and his appreciate his sacrifice. WE know it isn't easy to go through the seperation and the day to day ordeals you both must go through.
Thanks for writing about your might help some one else get a glimpse of understanding regarding the life you all have to live because of your convictions and views.
Hang in there....
and Be blessed!

Chiloe said...

I think it's great you can accept all kind of comments about the war because this is not an easy subject and everybody has opinions. As long as people can talk about it without agressing each others, then the democracy can live on.

Do you still stitch? You seem very busy and have full life.

Have a great day ;)

lime said...

what an even and level headed response from you. i am impressed. i really am. and though the commenter may have a right to say what they believe i think he or she should not cower behind anonymity.

but well done, michelle, well done.

rose_michelle said...

Thank you all for your support ... those who posted her and those who emailed me directly. I agree that if you stand by your beliefs that hiding behind an "anonymous" name is cowardly, but some people are not as strong in their convictions. I want to say a special thanks to my "hidden" readers who have taken the time to reveal themsleves. It is always a treat to meet a new friend or two and give me the chance to visit your pages. Again, thank you and welcome.
Oh, and Lime, my dear ... I know you are wondering how I was able to be level-headed ... well, just as always my dear friends ... lots of chocolate to sedate me in a sugar coma!

Alice said...

What a gracious post in the face of a repugnant comment. How dare anyone suggest that you, of all people, are enjoying this war, that it is making your life less boring. That poster should have read through more of your posts to see how brave you are and how supportive of your husband and other military families. Really, Rose Michelle, I can't remember the last time I was this angry.

The Fisher Family said...

Well said Michelle.

see you there! said...

Well written Michelle, I'm glad you addressed the issue. It is a sad person indeed who has an opinion they want to express but are unable to stand behind it by posting their name.

BTW - happy to hear from you!


stitcherw said...

Very well said, what a graceful, classy, and well presented response. The war and our military personal are not one and the same. We can support one without agreeing with the other. However, I don't think enough people appreciate the freedoms and privileges that we have here because of what others have given up and sacrificed for us. Please know that you, George and all the others that have chosen to live their lives protecting ours have my sincere thanks, appreciation, and admiration. Hopefully you won't have to deal with anymore comments of that type, but I'm sure if you do you'll have another eloquent and elegant response.

kbug said...

You certainly handled that comment with grace and class. I'm impressed. My youngest son is deploying next month...for a second I know exactly what you're talking about. I've been treasuring every moment of the past week that he and his wife have been here on leave. I'm getting all the hugs I can to hold me over till I see him again. Things like this really do make you appreciate the time you have together. Blessings...

ancient one said...

Good Job Well Done!!