March 6, 2008

Missing him causes physical pain and that's scary ...

It's amazing how you could love someone so much that it hurt, I mean actually feel physical pain in my head and in my heart. There are days that I don't wnat to get out of bed because I know he will not be on the sofa when I walk into the livingroom. I think that my puppy feels the same way. There are mornings where I have to kick him out of bed ... and I know how he feels! Sometimes I want to sleep until they call to say he's on his way home.

Not all days are so hard ... I have some great freinds this deployment and when I stopped by to see Tommy Gunn at his office Tuesday, a former co-worker commented on how happy I look. I know how lucky I am. I have a great job, my commander's really understand my goals for the Families and they give me so much freedom. I have some great friends. The bonds you create during a time like this are preiceless and even if they don't survive the distance of so many moves, they are still precious memories. Tiffany, Brittany, Sindia and Sabrina have showed me how to enjoy life despite missing my husband. My puppy makes me laugh and my FIL is only a call away.

The hard days make the good one all that much better. Everyday is one closer to George's homecoming, I just have to take it one day at a time.

Until our next cup of tea ...

4 Tea Party Guest:

ABW said...

I know it is hard. On the bright side, I keep trying to tell myself that "What's one year (15 months) when we have a lifetime together!".

It actually worked much better his first year long deployment to Bosnia. Now to think of 4 years apart..ugh! Hang in there!

Alice said...

I think you worked extra hard to get through the holidays, your birthday, Valentine's Day. Now the normal, routine, every-day days leave you sad. That makes perfect sense to me. You do so much for other families and for your friends but be sure to take some time just for you to do something you enjoy.

lime said...

wish i could give you an honest to goodness hug during times like this.

btw, earlier this week i did the meme you tagged me with. ;)

stitcherw said...

Seperation like that would be so difficult. I don't know how you manage to be as upbeat as you are. I hope you can find plenty of things to look forward to and do to help with wanting to get out of bed. Although, there are days when it is all you can do to put one foot in front of the other I hope they are few and far between. {{hugs}}