December 18, 2007

Ornaments on Request ...

Someone, I think Alice or Mari-Nanci but not sure, asked to see pictures of some onf my Victorian-themed ornaments. Well, this year I didn't up the tree so most are still boxed up, but here are some I hung throughout the house for some holiday cheer.

This is one of my favorites, made with a lace doily and fabric stiffener. I want to try some angels but haven't figured out what I want then to look like yet.

This one was one of the first projects that I did in college. I had all this cord ribbon and got bored but didn't have any projects so I found some styrofoam balls and started gluing the cording to it. Turned out great for a boredome project and I think now I want to try it on the various "tree" forms and do a cluster on the coffee table or something.

This was something I tried Christmas 2005. I did swirls on the inside of glass Christmas ornaments. There are a variety of colors and I'll have to take some pictures of the different ones and post. My tree is only red, white and gold ornaments, but this one was too pretty to give away so I kept it.

This is not an ornament, but last year I painted these little door decorations. I'm not that talented. I'll share the secret. I copied a free coloring picture I found on the Internet with Carbon paper onto the bock of wood then painted. Voila!

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and it looks like I'll be around more, so I'll stop by to visit soon.

Until our next cup of tea ...

7 Tea Party Guest:

Alice said...

Oh, my, how pretty each one is! You are very talented Rose- Michelle! Thank you for showing these to us.

Seamus said...

Very pretty!! Definitely inspiration for next year :)

kbug said...

Nice ornaments...I'm happy to hear that you're bearing up well with your soldier deployed. Heaven knows it's not easy. Just two years ago we said goodbye to my baby boy in early December as he left for the sand...a very hard Christmas for me and his wife. And it looks like we'll be doing that again this summer. I will cherish this Christmas while he's home...because next Christmas awaits without him. I'm glad you're going home to be with your family...take care..... :)

smilnsigh said...

Oh wow, you are talented! Lucky you, and those like you, who are. I'm so glad that others are able to think up and do such crafts, etc. Yes, even though I'm not adept at such myself. :-)

And I'm so glad you got these out and hung them about. Good for you!!!


ABW said...

Pass some of your talent this way! I like them all, and the girls loved the swirl ones. They sound easy enough that even I could do them, lol.

Glad you finished up that pile of papers you had hanging over your head!

see you there! said...

It is so much fun going from blog to blog looking at ornaments. Each one you shared is so pretty.


ancient one said...

You have made some beautiful things!! Loved them!!

Merry Christmas!!