December 23, 2007

Holiday happenings ...

Saturday was much better. As I said in the previous post, I woke up at 9 a.m. and spent the morning lounging. Not five minutes after I jumped in the shower George called, so I hurried to get dressed while he talked to his dad. After chatting about what we'd both been up to since we'd last spoke, I finished getting ready and his dad and I headed to PetSmart with Sgt. Major.

Horrible mother that I am, I had left every toy at the house, so we headed out to get him some early Christmas presents. I love taking him to PetSmart because he is so funny about it and way too smart.

We went to the bones first to pick up something for him to chew on. As soon as he picked on out he headed for the front door and we were in trouble from then on. We dragged him to get some squeaky toys, another "Baby" for when he sleeps and some wet food since he had to take a few pills twice a day and shoving them down his throat wasn't all that fun. When we finnaly go everything we needed we had to pry the bone from his mouth to pay for it, then back home we headed to let him play. My father-in-law tried to lift him out of the Tahoe and Sgt. Major got snipity, growling because he thought he was after his bone. The only option was to let him jump out himself. Far fall for a fat bully, but I didn't want him to snap at me either.

That's something that my husband mistakenly taught him as a puppy when he would try to wrestly his bines from him like he did the toys. The toys were a game, but the bones were serious business.

After dropping him off, we went to Wal-Mart for some groceries, then headed back home to relax before I headed to G&M's house and later to a party.

G&M and I excahanged presents before heading to the Christmas Party. I gave them brushed metal bar set, wine bucket and matching wine stoppers since their kitchen is 1950s inspired. I also got M three different sets of 4 1950s inspired icecream bowls, soda fountain glasses and ice cream cups. I got a beautiful silver teapot night light (above) and massager and Sgt. Major got a champagne bottle squeaky toy which he LOVED.

Next we we went to a party at one of George's childhood friends. At first I was worried that it would be weird, because he hasn't spent a lot of time with them since we've been together because of the Army life. Not surprisingly, they accepted me readily, pulling me into conversations and I was laughing and joking within minutes. It was a lot of fun, though we only stayed until about 11 p.m.

I hurried home and after playing with Sgt. Major, crawled into bed with him and his new toy, to rest for another day.

Until our next cup of tea ...

3 Tea Party Guest:

Seamus said...

LOL! Our doggies take their bones seriously, don't they!

Love the pic of Sgt. Major and his new toy!

Merry Christmas Rose Michelle!

smilnsigh said...

Glad the holiday trip is working out well.

And yes, he is the cutest thing!! But then, I always think he is. :-)


Meari said...

Adorable pic of Sgt Major :)