October 21, 2007

Vacation in Mexico Day 1

(The cabanas on the beach in front of the bungalow. This photo was taken when we visited in December. This time we stayed four bungalows down from that visit.)

A week ago today I woke up at 5 a.m. still very sleepy but excited about the events of the day. I hurried through a shower in time to wake George up at 5:30 a.m. and finished getting ready to leave for the airport. A 9 a.m. flight meant we had to be there at about 7 a.m.
I listened as George and Gordon chatted as he drove us to the airport. Once there we zipped through check-in and security because we were flying first class. With nearly two hours before boarding we set off to find the USO club, but no one could give us good directions so we grabbed some drinks at Starbucks and headed to the gate to find a seat and watch CNN.
After finishing my drink we headed to a newsstand to see if I could find a good wedding magazine (I’ll explain at a later date!). The selection wasn’t good so we headed back to our seats. I’m a people watcher so I spent more time watching other passengers.
There was this group of LOUD ladies who dragged along their poor husbands who were chatting wildly to each other from across the gate area because apparently sitting together would make things easier and quieter.
The funniest moment of all was when a group of four Soldiers (in uniform so I guess they were on R&R) wandered off of a plane from a nearby terminal. As they stood around trying to figure out where to go a airport tram with six burly cowboys with cowboy hats, boots and HEAVY drawl pulled up nearby and they disembarked. The poor Soldiers just looked at them with complete disbelief and all I can imagine going through their head was “Oh, boy! We are definitely in Texas!” It was quite funny …
Later we checked in with our passports at the gate then headed off to find another newsstand that we had passed near the Starbucks where I found a Martha Stewart Wedding mag. We got back just in time to be the first in line to get on the plane.
The next two hours were pure bliss. First class seating is absolutely the only way we will travel. We had free drinks (you know which kind I mean) the whole way, starting with when we first sat down, even though we didn’t leave the gate for another 45 minutes or so. The leg room was amazing and the seats we so plush. I melted when I placed the hot towel over my face from the stewardess.
After a glorious flight with nearly no turbulence we landed at the airport and steeled ourselves to fight the luggage carousel. When we got there we found out that our bags had already been pulled to the side, so after grabbing them we headed to the security screening and after handing over our immigration paperwork we were done … before the other luggage had even begun to circle the waiting area.
Once outside we found the hotel’s travel agents or busboys or whatever they were called and he said that our vehicle would be there shortly. Not five minutes later a stretched Lincoln limo arrived to take us to the resort. AMAZING …,
We arrived at the resort where were met with glasses of champagne. After checking in with the travel agency to get a list of activities we joined another “Casitas” couple to go and check into our bungalows on the secluded side of the resort.
Our bags were brought to our bungalow shortly after arriving and we quickly changed and headed for a quick lunch at one of the many high class restaurants, Jo Jo’s, one we had discovered the last day we were there in December. It was a wonderful as we had remembered.
After lunch we changed into our bathing suits and napped on the beach where we were brought drinks and ice cream. After a peaceful afternoon we changed for dinner.
We had decided to attend a restaurant that we had missed on our last visit, La Fondue. It was amazing. Since fondue is usually a community or shared meal, they made the rest as well, so we shared an apple and pecan on lettuce salad with a light dressing. Next was a light French onion soup with toasted bread and Swiss cheese. Our fondue selection was a German style cheese with pork, sausage and chicken. They also had a variety of vegetables and breads to dip as well. For dessert we had a caramel fondue with fruit. AMAZING!
Afterwards we went to the Martini Bar for a few drinks. It had been a long day so we walked back to our room via the beach. After changing into our PJs, we sat on the porch and watched a light tropical rain shower for about 20 minutes before it passed.
Until tomorrow’s story …

The bed on the patio where we watched the tropical storm. They had hammocks last time but found that these were more comfortable for a couple. You know in Mexico siestas are very important in Mexico!

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Alice said...

Wow, everything sounds so amazing! And you deserved every happy moment and bit of good airport luck. Can't wait to read what happened the rest of the week.

lime said...

oh man, i want a bed on the patio!

ABW said...

I want that bed too! Looks so peaceful there. I know who to ask when I book our trip to Hawaii!