October 12, 2007

Certified by Military Police or somrthing like that ...

Today was crazy fun! This may be a little differnt from some of my recents posts, but it's the weekend and we're headed for vacation ... so let's lighten the mood.

As part of my new job I get to work with families ... which means when the units have family day I GET PAID TO PLAY!!!

Today the unit had the Order of the Crossed Pistols. Many units have their own creative forms of helping families learn more about what their Soldier does and today was no different. They had a variety of stations set up where spouses got to learn how to use a police batan, assess an injured person, disassemble and reassemble a pistol, target practice and my personal favorite ... make a felony traffic stop. That's right my partner and I were Pink Patrol! As in "Pink Patrol to Bayou Base, we have an unidentified motorist stopped in a Blue Toyota Whatever, liscence plate XXXXXX. Please stand by for additional information."

After passing all of the stationed I was awarded the Order of the Crossed Pistol and a unit coin, thus earning my "crossed pistols." (I was also given a pin with the pistols to wear!)

It was tons of fun, but the best part was that Tommy Gunn covered it for the paper, so I got to see him for a little bit before I was off running around like a -five-year-old at the park. I'll have to see what pics he got 'cause I'm sure I saw him lurking about! But until then. here's a pic of me "arresting a suspect!"

5 Tea Party Guest:

Seamus said...

HA! She sure looks "guilty"! ;)

Tommy said...

It was good seeing you again too. You can't believe how much I miss you. I mean, the new girls are great and we'll get along, but they ain't my best friend. That was fun, wasn't it? So get a pair of handcuffs and we'll practice ... after you get back from vacation, of course. Have a great time, girlfriend.

smilnsigh said...

Wow! You got a coin!

And I don't know what you've got in your hand, to "something" her, with. But you look official and *scary.* -giggles-

I wanna' disassemble and reassemble a pistol and do target practice! I do. I do. I do.


Alice said...

Hope you have a wonderful vacation and can leave the world behind!

ABW said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

Enjoy your vacation!