August 24, 2007

Have I gone mad???

So yesterday as we waited for our boss to give us the go ahead to go home, Tommy Gunn was visiting me on my end of the building. I went through my desk drawers to give him some media packets I got for the entertainment section. He commented that I was freakishly organized (O.k. I think he said highly, I might have added the freakishly part).

We again talked about it today as we were leaving work and he said he wished he was one tenth as organized as I was. I joked and said maybe I should blog about it, but then when I went to get groceries after work I began to think about it. I do tend to over think things. Take gracery shopping for instance. I get cold things last because they are the first thing on the counter and in the cart. That makes it the last thing in my vehicle and therefore first thing out. That means they spend minimal amount of time out of the freezer. Really who puts that much thought into groceries.

Then I get home and start to put away my groceries. This is the result of that:

My freezer:

My pantry:

I guess its a good thing we get free therapy in the Army. If you think that's bad you should see our garage. Maybe I should get a hobby.

10 Tea Party Guest:

ABW said...

Remind me not to let you peek in my pantry or freezer, because they are nowhere near organized.

When I go to the commissary I have them pack all the cold items in plastic and everything else in paper. Then when I get home, if the kids or the baby need me immediately I know what I HAVE to unload and I can let the rest sit there until everything else is taken care of. It makes sense to me at least, lol.

Cheryl said...

LOL wanna pay a visit to my house? It needs some organisation!

lime said...

ok, i shop in the order the store is laid out but i pack the cart and unload onto the conveyor so that cold things are bagged togethere and soft things are bagged together and cans go to gether, etc....

but my freezer and pantry don't look like that. would you come to my house please?

smilnsigh said...

Never knock neatness! I admit, I'm not quite as neat as you, with things like pantries and freezer.


I NEED the things around me, to be as neat as possible, in order to be relaxed. If newspapers are spread around, or Grandkids leave pillows on the floor, or dirty dishes are not immediately put in dishwasher, etc. ~~ I get antsy. And I get grumpy.

And when I get grumpy, it's not a pretty sight! -grin- So, my neatness thing is never fought.


Proud wife of Sgt H said...

I really wish I was still that organized, but after having two boys and having all guy junk around, I'm lucky to get anything organized.

stitcherw said...

Ummm we are soooo totally at opposite ends of the organization spectrum. Love the looks of yours, but don't think there is any way in my lifetime I could achieve it. :)

Tommy said...

Okay. I totally didn't use the word freak, but after seeing all that? Yeah ... I think "freakishly" pretty much says it all. I still wish I had a tenth though. As for getting a hobby .... hmmmmmmmm.

Seamus said...

That all just seems pretty normal to me! We shop the same way, only in our store the frozen stuff is in the center of the store - sortta screws with the flow! ;) With these 100+ temps we just keep a large cooler in the Explorer for the cold things - at least the ice cream is passably mushy instead of liquid by the time we get home!

Meari said...

After giggling over your "so organized" post, it gave me an idea. I'm going to take a pic of my freezer and pantry to show you how unorganized it is!

smilnsigh said...

Re: a comment you made in my Photos-City-Mine blog... Since you love how Victorian houses have the round towers... I'll look for more in my city, and picture them in my blog, "for you"!