July 8, 2007

Red, White and Blue, but no preview

The 4th of July was a very fun day. The installation hosts and annual FreedomFest and I was tasked with covering it for the newspaper, but other than that we thought we might play golf, but the weather did not cooperate. We had received and invitation to the commander's house since we would be in town, which we thought would be a special treat.

His wife, although extremely busy with the duties as a VERY involve mother, Family Group Advisor, and whatever other requirements attached to the wife of a Lt. Colonel, recently told me she does needlework. We've talked about it a few times, but I am still hesitant to "make the first move" even though she has always made me feel welcome in her home whether I am there for an Army event or social or just a personal visit. I think I am most intimidated because first of all she is an amazing person and a great example of what a military spouse should be and I would be content to live in her shadow and soak up all I can from her. But I digress.

I decided that I would make a red, white and blue custard to bring so I started off working on it at 10 a.m. Now I KNOW custards are tricky, but I was convinced I could do it. Not so ... after 7 hours it still wouldn't set ... so I improvised, but most importantly my HUSBAND came up with the plan. I placed my Mikasa candy dish in the center of the matching serving tray. I surrounded it with strawberries then a circle of blueberries, then sprinkled white chocolate chips throughout the ring of blueberries. I filled the candy dish with vanilla pudding and placed a strawberry in the center. Ta da! Berries and chocolate with a pudding dip. We make a great team. Unfortunately, in all of my excitement, I forgot to take a picture, but here is a picture of my preparations of my patriotic dessert in the tart pan it was to originally be in.

Now, I am going to get that custard thing figured out, maybe make it for a social or something. I think I jinxed myself by taking a ton of pics of me making it in hopes of posting it here. That's how life is sometimes.

On another note, the FreedomFest was o.k. It was very wet thin year and unfortuately about 2/3 of the fireworks didn't clear the trees they set it up behind, but Monday there should be some pictures on the paper's website, Hope everyone else had a great holiday.

4 Tea Party Guest:

stitcherw said...

Love the idea of the fruit with the pudding dip, it sounds delicious and a perfect alternative to what you originally had planned.

As to stitching with the Lt. Col. wife, I'd go for it. Stitchers love to have company to show their stitching to, admire others stitching, talk about new patterns, discuss something that isn't working right, compare ideas on colors, etc... So many times there isn't someone around that stitches to be able to do this with. It sounds like you both could enjoy having an occational stitching get together.

lime said...

ok, i am officially hungry now....

Kimmie said...

Sounds like you pulled everything off nicely.

Our fireworks fizzled, too. A storm was coming but it was too late to delay them. They shot them off quickly and the wind blew them.

see you there! said...

Clever you (and your husband) to come up with an alternative dessert at the last minute. I'll bet the presentation was pretty too.