July 16, 2007

Good luck baby girl! Give 'em hell!

As some of you many know my niece is starting college in about a month. Being the ever supportive Aunt and organizational fanatic that I am, I send her a care package/graduation present. It contained:
-- 2007 Flavia desk planner (pretty pastel colors)
-- chocolate and pink note book
-- pink flowered cloth pencil bag (for her backpack- hello ... makeup!)
-- pink plastic pencil box (for her desk)
-- heart shaped post-it notes
-- square post-it notes with pink flower (I think tulip)
-- small green notebook (didn't have an extra pink one)
-- Official Disney Tigger Pen (in display box)
-- pink pen and pencil set from Calire's
-- assorted highlighters and pastel pens

As you can see it is filled with "I can't go to college without this stuff" package. I am so excited for her, I am going to call her "like all the time!"

She called today and was so excited. There was a lot of OMGs and "I'm so excited!" when she talked to me. I told her that we would buy her a new refill for the planner each Christmas. She was pretty excited about that too. We also sent her a check because she saved her money all summer to buy a laptop for school, so we wanted her to be able to get the Microsoft Office program and help with school supplies.

Anyway, I can't wait to hear how school truns out. I'm almost as excited as she is!

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lime said...

awww, that's really great! best wishes to her. :)