July 3, 2007

Class notes ...

Well it's that time again. I got to get busy finishing some of the projects for my master's program if i want to graduate on time. I got a phone call on Thursday and an e-mail today that left me in better spirits and definitely inspired o get back to the books ... but let me start at the beginning.

My mom had my brother and I at an early age, and being the oldest her sibling were still in school and college. While I don't remember too much from my earlier years, there is one thing that stood out for me and set me on a mission when I reached college.

My oldest aunt, Laura, was in college when my brother and I were early elementary school. Actually she has a doctorate, so she was in school for a while. I remember spending time with her and her sorority sisters of Phi Mu in Houston. Their friendships seemed unbreakable and no matter what they did – activities, charities, etc. – they always seemed to have fun.

Now my grandmother, an educator, was set on my brother and i attending college to get quality education. I wanted to attend college to be a Phi Mu sister. It was my driving force. I studied hard in elementary school, worked to be ahead of my peers in junior high and began volunteering and other extracurricular activities. It wasn't the popularity I wanted, it was the prestige, camaraderie and dedication that I saw as a young girl that I wanted desperately to be a part of.

When I attended college at sam houston State University, there was no Phi Mu. I tried a second option, but when that sorority was temporarily closed by the University, I saw it as a sign that I shouldn't settle for second choices. When I started my master's at Louisiana State University, I approached my aunt who is still highly actively involved in Phi Mu. She said I should give it a try, although my circumstances were nontraditional. She said if that is what i wanted, then I shouldn't walk away and she would help if she could.

For the past year i have been trying to get in contact with the LSU chapter, but have met roadblocks, mainly my situation being unique – I am a campus student, but the professors come to the military base and that is where my classes are. The e-mail today, merely said that they would look into the issue and get back to me, but that is more than I had in the last year and with only one year remaining of school, I was worried that my chances were slipping away. It may happen, it may not. I have always managed to reach the goals I set for myself, but maybe this one is a lesson in not giving up on a dream.

The other good news is my niece, Stephanie, called to say she registered for her first semester of college classes and said she requested information about Greek Life. I know it's hard for her because she lives with the "middle child" syndrome and may often feel as if she is ignored. I have tried to be supportive and at times I find myself throwing around phrases like "Oh, my God!" and No, way!" or "That is really cool!" when talking to her. I guess I'm reverting back to my earlier college years, but it is so exciting to view college through the eyes of someone starting out. The optimism and excitement is catching on. I am excitedly getting stuff together that "every college girl should have."

Who knows what tomorrow may bring. But I do know that I will not have any regrets when it comes to trying to reach my dreams. I am so excited to share this with her, both of us college students. Maybe, we'll stay up all night talking about boys and eating ice cream, maybe we'll stress about finals together. Either way, if i can inspire her the way my Aunt Laura and her Phi Mu sisters inspired me, then whether I'm in or not doesn't matter. I'll still THINK PINK!

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