February 23, 2007

Naptime ...

Last weekend we went to Houston for the President's Day holiday. My husband had a four-day (four straight days given for a holiday) so I worked half-day on Friday and we drove up that afternoon.

Now Sgt. Major loves car rides, especially when "grandpa" is at the end of it. He still has the energy of a puppy but it requires sleeping like a old man to recoup.

I got a few pics of him napping. He's quite funny, because he claimed the recliner a long time ago and if it is occupied he will join the ill-fated person in the chair and squirm about until victory is achieved and the chair is empty or you succumb and let him lay his 60-plus pound bum accross you lap.

He totally has us all figured out! I guess it really is a dog and his two housekeepers occupying our house. On another note ... the fluffy little guy turns 3 on Saturday. I'm probably just going to get him some of his favorite chew toys, 'cause really ... every day is a celebration for this spoiled little guy!

5 Tea Party Guest:

stitcherw said...

He looks very comfy, and very tired. Dogs do tend to have their favorite places don't they, and it is amazing how we humor them. But then, they love us no matter what, so I figure it is a pretty good trade.

lime said...

oh my word, those pics are hilarious!!!!

made my night!

Barbara said...

We used to have a Frenchie - a lot smaller, but the same persistence! LOL!!

mercy said...

Ha! I love these pictures!! Ana's the same way. If I'm taking a nap and my cousin is in the bed with me watching TV she sort of plants herself in between us and tries to "push" her off "her" side of the bed. Your comment about his "please mommy stop torturing me" face reminded me about my first dog, Kobe. He LOVED pictures - there were no candids with him b/c as soon as he saw the camera he'd sit down and pose aka smile. One Christmas I had the great idea of dressing him up as a reigndeer, well he didn't mind the bandana but hated the ears. Everytime I would point the camera in his direction he'd growl - after a few tries I finally took off the ears and pointed the camera at him and *poof* out comes a smile from him LOL - I thought it was so funny. Give your puppy a scratch and a snoot kiss from me - he really is adorable sleeping sitting up :-)

smilnsigh said...

The SGM has good taste in napping spots. I love my recliner for napping too!!!

But I certainly don't look as cute as he does, when napping. ,-)