February 23, 2007

Craft Corner: Totally Complete!

And people thought it couldn't be done! Actually I had little faith myself since it has been sitting in my stitching closet for quite some time now (like years), but I did it I finally got a piece done, frames and just for me. It's probably go somewhere in the kitchen since the kitchen is burgandy with roses.
It was actually quite fun. I wanted to do a piece on the Fort Polk Arts & Crafts Center (for the newspaper I work for) for a while now and thought it would be fun to do it on the framing and matting facility. They walk you through how to do it in a class and then you are free to use their equipment and only have to pay for the supplies (such as glass, mats, frames, etc.). I was there for two hour this morning working on the projects and taking pictures. I did this one and another both in the 12 inch range for $50. Not bad huh!?! Now, if I can do one on cross stitching, maybe I can take a paid day to get some stitching done ... hmmm. How do I pitch that one to the boss? I'll let you know how it turns out!

7 Tea Party Guest:

stitcherw said...

Very pretty, I like the colors you chose, and your framing looks great.

lime said...

turned out lovely. i have a baby blanket i starte dofr my sonthat's unfinished....he's 11 now....maybe for his first child...maybe..

see you there! said...

Your latest framed piece is quite nice. I went back a bit and looked at some of your pretty tea cups as well.

Its cold and overcast here today so I'd like my tea in that bright cheery Mexican cup. Okey?


Cheryl said...

That's lovely! Great framing!

smilnsigh said...

Hello. I just came across a comment by you in 'Bay Side To Mountain Side.' Your name of Rose Michelle, caught my eye. {I love roses and many shades of the color, too.} And when I got here, I was so pleased to find you are an Army wife.

Please let me thank you and him, for service to country. You too, because wives and family give service too. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Lelia said...

Very nice! I've never done my own frame work. i prefer the stitching to the finishing : )

your dog is precious. What a cutie pie!

Meari said...

Very pretty! I think it's really cool the shop gives a class and lets you use the equipment.